Posted on July 29, 2018

PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Toy Review

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Car and PLAYMOBIL fans alike will be lining up to get their hands on this speedy new playset! Check out our review of the PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup set.

Playmobil Porsche Set

Time and time again, PLAYMOBIL takes me back about 25 years to my own childhood.  PLAYMOBIL play sets were absolutely one of my most favorite pasttimes as a kid.  I had numerous sets and would spend hours upon hours setting up all sorts of scenes and playing.  It didn’t matter if I was by myself or had a friend or sibling to play with, these sets were always fun.  I remember being impressed with the quality and details of the sets as a kid and now as an adult and parent, I am really blown away by the attention to detail that is involved with each and every theme.

We recently had the chance to check out the PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup set and we think it will make an excellent addition to your PLAYMOBIL collection!  Let’s take a look at what’s in the box:

Porsche 911 PLAYMOBIL

This PLAYMOBIL set includes: two figures, Porsche car with sponsor decals, mechanic tools, Spare tire, racing flag, helmet, and tons of other accessories.

Got a flat tire mid-race?  No problem!  Just pull right on into the pit so the mechanic crew can fix it up and send you on your way.

Cool features: functioning front and rear lights, removable roof, fun decals for decorating the car

Our kids (ages 5 and 10) are really in the PLAYMOBIL sweet spot that happens when kids become old enough to put together these sets on their own.  Of course, I never really mind helping them out, as I enjoy these sets, but it’s a whole new world when they can sit for a couple of hours and work on building and assembling completely independently.  They are so proud when they finish the set and I love how they work together to put everything together.  Landon is getting really good at following the assembly instructions and he always has his big sister or mom or dad around to help him if he gets stuck.

The PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup set is recommended for ages 4 and up and retails for $45.

We are really enjoying this set and love all of the attention that has been paid to the accessory details. We would definitely recommend the PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup as a great gift idea for your car fans!

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