Planets Research and Design Your Own Planet Printable Pack

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Getting ready to dive into a unit about space and the solar system? We have a REALLY fun printable pack that you are going to want to grab. (And it’s free!) Check out our solar system printable pack which includes a planet research page and a design-your-own-planet page!

Planet Research and Design Your Own Pack

I am so excited to add this new printable pack to our collection of free printables today! If you have been around our site for any length of time, you know that we have a serious space fan over here. Ever since we spent the day at Kennedy Space Center with the kids a few years ago, our son Landon has been absolutely space-obsessed. Our home is now filled with space themed books, LEGO sets, and yes, even an awesome telescope.

nasa exhibit mercer museum

This new printable is perfect for elementary aged kiddos who are ready to put some of their solar system knowledge to work. The thing that I love the most about this pack is actually the Design Your Own Planet page. This is the perfect way for kids to express some creativity while applying what they have learned about the planets!

Planet Research Project

This printable pack includes three pages. Well, four if you count the cover. Behind the cover (which you can print but definitely don’t have to!), are 3 worksheets that kids can work on. Each page has a different activity.

The first page features a page for planet research. Whether they are assigned a planet to research or choose their own, kids can fill in lots of planet facts.

planet research page

The second page is the Design Your Own Planet page. This is where kids can really let their creative juices flow! They will get to design every aspect of their planets, including the planet’s name, description, temperature and gravity level.

design your own planet

On the third and final page, kids will find a solar system. The planets need to be labeled and colored in. This page is a great way to review the planets!

solar system page

Get the Solar System Printable Pack

You can grab this one for free below!

Get the printable: Planets Research and Design Your Own Planet Printable Pack

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