Patriotic Punch: Red and Blue Layered Drink!

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Patriotic Punch

This drink represents a Pinterest idea that I have wanted to recreate for years.  Believe it or not, my drink was a bit of a failure – as I had hoped to have 3 layers (red, white and blue).  I made several attempts but the white kept blending with the blue so I settled for the red/blue look.

The trick to making this drink is to choose beverages that have different levels of sugar in them.  The beverages will layer, from the highest sugar content on the bottom to the lightest on the top.  In my case, I suspect the clear Gatorade that I used for the white layer was too close in sugar content to the blue Hawaiian Punch.  That could explain why they didn’t want to separate.

For this drink. I used Ocean Spray Cran-Apple and blue Hawaiian Punch.

Blue Hawaiian Punch Cran Apple Ocean Spray

How to make: Start with some ice in your glass. (My glass is actually an upcycled bottle from an ALDI iced coffee.)  Add the Cran-Apple drink first, filling the glass about halfway.

Add a few more pieces of ice to give you at least one piece of ice on top.  Pour the Hawaiian Punch on top of the ice cube so that it runs down the ice cube and settles on top of the red layer.

Cool, huh?!

Red Blue Punch


USA Patriotic Punch

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