Party Planning with BJ’s Wholesale – How We Hosted Father’s Day Lunch Without the Hassle #ShopTheClub AD

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BJs Party Planner

We LOVE a good holiday to celebrate.  Any excuse to get our friends and family together, no matter what time of year, is always something that Bob and I and the kids really look forward to.  We knew that this year we really wanted to host a lunch for Father’s Day and spend the day enjoying time with our family while the kids played and swam.

So here’s the thing.  Just like most families, our schedule is ALWAYS crazy.  It’s ALWAYS full.  We’re not even talking about the regular school and school-related activities.  Around here if it’s not horseback riding lessons it’s a horse show or it’s dance class or it’s dress rehearsal for a recital.  The list goes on and on.  My sister and her family have their own schedule of lessons and practice and events.  My dad travels frequently for work.  We were all able to settle on exactly ONE date in June for our Father’s Day lunch… and that day just so happened to fall on the weekend of Lily’s dance recital dress rehearsal and TWO performances.

So we needed super super duper simple – withOUT compromising quality!

Here’s how our week played out: on Thursday evening Bob dropped the order form pictured above, along with a cake order form, off at our local BJ’s Wholesale Club.  They ask that you give them at least 24 hours notice before you plan to pick up your order.  No problem.  We browsed through the BJ’s PartyCenter Brochure and made our choices from sandwich and deli platters to wings and salads.  They have dessert platter options as well – including cookie and brownie trays to cakes (even ice cream cakes)!

Friday night Lily had her final dress rehearsal and we didn’t get home until almost 10 pm.

Saturday we had to have her at the theatre by noon to get ready for her first of 2 performances (where, I might add, she totally rocked the stage!)  I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to be able to sit and relax and enjoy watching my kiddo on stage without a single worry about how on Earth I’d get all the food ready for my family to sit down and eat the next day at noon!

Dance Recital butterfly


Sunday arrived.

Bob and Landon headed out to BJ’s to pick up our order, as well as a few other last minute party supplies.

They rounded up paper and plasticware as well.  We LOVE the huge box of Berkley Jensen Premium Cutlery.  We usually pick up one box every Spring/Summer and it lasts us through all of our Summer BBQs.

Paper Party Supplies

Berkley Jensen Premium Cutlery

Let’s talk about the food!

I want you to know, I got more compliments about the delicious food than I can count!  Here’s what we got:

This Wellsley Farms Entertainer Platter was incredible!  It came with honey ham, roast beef, oven-roasted turkey breast, oven-roasted chicken breast, Provolone Cheese and American Cheese.  This platter is listed as serving 20-25 people.  We had 11 people over and leftovers for DAYS and DAYS!  The platter also came with a bag of mayo and mustard packets – that was a nice touch!

Wellsley Farms Deli Platter

Wellsley Farms Deli Meat and Cheese Platter

Sandwich Platter Flowers

Almost everyone in our fam LOVES chicken wings, so the Perdue Party Wing Platter was a no-brainer.  It came with Buffalo and Honey BBQ Wings, as well as a ranch dipping sauce.  Prep was super simple – just threw it in the oven according to the directions on the package.

Perdue Chicken Wing Platter

Perdue Chicken Wing Platter with Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip

What do you think?

Did anyone like them?  :)

Empty Wing Platter

How about dessert?  Don’t worry – we didn’t forget about that!  In fact, we ordered a big 1/2 sheet cake that had some adorable dad-themed ties all over it.

Fathers Day Cake

Two bouquets of bright and beautiful daisies were the perfect finishing touch to our table and the counter.

Cake and Flowers

The food was incredibly delicious.

The ordering and pickup process could not have been simpler.

But the real highlight?

Being able to host a decent-sized family meal during an already-insanely busy weekend with ZERO stress and NO sacrificing food quality or taste.  These platters made it so simple and I can tell you we already have some of them in mind to re-order for our 4th of July BBQ next month.

The weather was simply beautiful and we got to spend a relaxing day just enjoying and laughing.  It was, completely perfect.

Kids in Swimming Pool

Cornhole Game

Genny and Landon By Pool

Fathers Day Lunch

What are your family’s Father’s Day traditions?  Do you tend to go out for a meal or do you host one at your house?

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