Our Must-Have Supplies for Distance Learning

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We have jumped headfirst into some distance learning to keep the kids up with their schoolwork. There are certain essential supplies that we find ourselves using over and over again. Here is a rundown! 

Distance Learning Landon

I’ll tell you one way that I never ever ever thought I would be using my teaching degree: homeschooling (or distance learning) with my kids. But times are a changing and we are rolling with the punches as best as we can over here. While in-person learning has come to a (hopefully temporary) screeching halt, virtual (or distance) learning has taken the reins.

There is a video embedded in this post that should be auto-playing at the top of your screen.

Looking for first/last day photo signs? 

Grade Level Virtual First Day SQUARE

Below, find a list of everything I mention in the video.

Essential Supplies for Distance Learning

Let’s jump right in!  Here are our must-haves for daily distance learning.

  1. Chromebook (or electronic device for accessing online work)
  2. Headphones (if you are also working from home, I recommend Air Pods or noise-cancelling headphones)
  3. Mouse
  4. Dry Erase Board and Dry Erase Markers (clear sheet protectors also make a good dry erase surface!)
  5. Basic School Supplies (including pencils, crayons, glue sticks and a pencil sharpener) Check out our dollar store school supply caddy for a great way to keep your supplies in one spot.
  6. Daily Schedule (grab our free printable schedule!)
  7. Desktop Cell Phone Holder (makes facetimes, Skypes, etc much easier)
  8. Timer (use the timer on your cell phone or Alexa device, etc. Even an old school egg timer will work great.)
  9. Printer (we love our HP printer and O.M.G, HP Instant Ink is the BEST service EVER!! We have use it for 2+ years. Life changing!)

Make a dedicated workspace

Listen. That “schooling” that took place Spring 2020? That wasn’t really cyber schooling or homeschooling or whatever. It was crisis schooling. We were flying by the seat of our pants and just grappling with the biggest change in our lifetime.

One thing that I told myself we needed to change if the kids were going to be home for part or all of another school year, was making a permanent workspace for them and their stuff. In the Spring, our kitchen table became our classroom desk area. We regularly found ourselves eating dinner next to chromebooks, textbooks and random piles of crayons and glue sticks.  It drove me NUTS.

As we set our sights on, at the least, a hybrid school schedule this year, I am already making a dedicated workspace for the kids.


We bought two desks on Wayfair and so far, so good. Ideally, I’d love to put the kids in separate rooms, but our house isn’t huge and this will have to do. This is where the kids can do homework, call into zoom lessons, etc. (Yeah yeah, it’s still summer – they are happily Roblox-ing and what-have you.  LOL)

We got the Glaser Kids Writing Desk and Chair Set with Kids Hutch (Gray Color) for each kid. They are sturdy, stylish and came with the matching chair! Pictured here are the desks being used by average sized 6 and 11 year old kids.

Kids at Desk

Here’s a more current look at the setup. See a detailed tour here.

distance learning space

Keep it flexible

I hope this list of supplies for distance learning is helpful to you! I know that all of this is just… surreal. And unexpected. And stressful. Believe me, I am right there with you.

I know that we will get through it, but it won’t be easy.

Remind yourself that this is new to your kids, too. They are stressed and they see you are stressed.  They miss their friends and teachers and even though they might not admit it, they miss being on a daily schedule.

Your best is your best and you are not expected to entertain them 24/7, nor is it realistic to keep them on a tight school schedule.

It’s time, more than ever before, to embrace your flexibility and to try to go with the flow.

I’ll be over here, trying to do the same.  Hugs!

Distance Learning Virtual School Printable Planner Pack

You just might find this printable distance learning planner a handy tool for staying organized and on track!

Distance Learning Planner Pack

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6 thoughts on “Our Must-Have Supplies for Distance Learning”

  1. Any ideas for “graduating” 5th graders? I’m a room mom & my parents are going crazy with our state’s schools closed until the end of the year, that their kids will miss year book signing, EOY awards & party, and graduation hall walk. Anyway, my child has no idea he is missing anything & his older brother never had a 5th grade graduation, but as room mom I’m trying to get ideas.

    • I’m in the same exact boat as you – my daughter is in 5th and this is her last year of elementary school. I’ll keep my eye out for ideas. <3

  2. Thanks so much for this information. The fall session brings us 2 days in school and 3 days remote learning. I am a grandma and will be taking the remote learning days with a Second Grader and a Kindergartener. I appreciate all of the tips you may have.

    • Sorry I missed this comment until just now! These desks are the Glaser Kids Writing Desk and Chair Set with Kids Hutch on Wayfair. :)


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