One-Stop Back to School Shopping at Amazon + MY Must-Haves

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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know it’s been a big week around here.  Lily started 4th grade and next week Landon heads off to Pre-K. Talk about a whirlwind of activity, excitement, anxiety and places to go and people to see! Because we all know that it’s not just “the first day of school.”  Oh no.  That would be simple.

There’s Back to School Night and ride-the-bus-for-the-first-time day and Meet the Teacher Day. There’s school supply and clothing shopping to be done, haircuts to be had (though we usually skip a cut before the first day and get ours cut before picture day instead).

And try as I might, it never fails – no matter how many checklists, shopping lists and store trips I make, I always either forget a few things OR (more common) Lily arrives home after that first day of school and announces that there are some oddball supplies that weren’t on the almighty SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST but that she apparently needs.

amazon back to school

But who has the time, or quite frankly, the patience, to head to the store and round up last minute school essentials?

So look – I’ve got you covered.  And by “I,” I mean Amazon has you covered. Amazon really does simplify your back to school shopping by carrying the current, most-requested, on-trend supplies and apparel, all just a convenient click away.

Amazon Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Back to School

It really is true – I always know that I can find everything from the latest fashions that my kids want to wear to new backpacks and school supplies on Amazon. While I am chauffeuring my kids all around town, Amazon makes it easy to order a 1.5″ blue binder while sitting in car line or to buy the lunchbox shaped like a fire truck as I wait for dance class to be end. I’m so grateful for these modern day conveniences and appreciate having Amazon’s help as I attempt to do it all.

Last Minute Back to School Essentials

When Amazon asked me to put together a list of my suggestions for back to school essentials, it didn’t take long to generate my picks. I simply thought about some of the late summer back to school Amazon orders that I have personally placed and the list practically wrote itself.

Here are my top picks for last minute school must-haves, all of which can be purchased on Amazon:

Backpack – We picked up the Under Armour Storm backpack for Lily last year and it is still going strong and ready for year #2.

Pencil Sharpener – There is nothing more frustrating than unsharpened or broken pencils at homework time! Make sure you have a good pencil sharpener at home to make homework go a little smoother.

Pencils – Pencils have a way of walking off around here, never to be seen again. Buy a bunch of pencils so that you always have some spares.

Wet Brush – These brushes are our favorite for post-shower or pre-school hair brushing.

Lunchbox – If your child takes his/her lunch or snack to school, a good quality lunchbox is a must.

Thermos Funtainer – Step your lunch game up a notch and send some hot foods for lunch!

Food Containers with Compartments – You can really get creative with lunch and snack ingredients when you pack them in these containers!

Crayola Class Pack of Supplies – We love these school supply kits! Choose the one that is geared towards your child’s grade and receive a variety of commonly used age-appropriate school supplies.

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