Old Navy $1 Flag Tees a Hoax?!?!!?!?

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Readers, I might have some bad news for you. Please read this, especially if you were planning to beat down the doors of Old Navy tomorrow for some cheap flag tees!

I always try to confirm deals as best as I can BEFORE posting them- usually this is an easy visit to the company’s website, but sometimes it takes a little more work.

After seeing the $1 Flag Tees post on another blog the other night, I called my local ON store to confirm. ON Employee said, “Yes! Flag tees are indeed on sale!” Cool, I made my post.

Today, I received a reader comment from Amy, who called her ON to confirm. They had no idea what she was talking about. I CALLED MY local ON AGAIN immediately. I was told that, oh yes, flag tees are on sale for $1 on Friday- IN CANADA.

WHAT?!?! CANADA?!?!!? Who the hell in CANADA REALLY WANTS an American Flag tee? I am so baffled by the concept, I don’t even know. LOL. So, feel free to call your local store… but it looks like all of our friends north of the border will be enjoying cheap American flag tees…… ???????

P.S. I just read on Money Saving Mom that they may have intended to have this sale, but have pulled the plug. Bait and switch much?

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