My Very 1st Trip to Aldi

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Well, after hearing so much hype surrounding Aldi, I just had to try it. There is a brand new store up in Quakertown, PA, so since I was up in that area anyway, I decided to make a stop! I have my weekly shopping list (heading to Acme shortly), but I figured I would take the list to Aldi to see if I could find anything cheaper there.

Walking in Aldi was much like walking into a foreign land. The food packaging look EXACTLY the same as name brand, right down to the coloring. But upon further inspection, you realize that it’s a different name! It was actually pretty funny! For example, I usually buy a tub of “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter!” and at Aldi I bought a tub of “Tastes Like Butter!”

As long as you know (or have an idea) of regular grocery store prices for various items, you can definitely save big at Aldi. Some things are MUCH cheaper (especially produce!), while others are the same price as the grocery store and I’d rather just get the name brand.

Before you go to Aldi, know that: you must bring your own bags and bag your own groceries. They do NOT take coupons. They do NOT take credit cards or checks- only cash, debit cards, and Access Cards.

I chose to forego the cart and just took Lily Bean in her stroller that had an empty bottom basket. Here’s what I got:

According to my rough calculations, the products above would cost me at least $20 (on sale), possibly higher at full price at the grocery store.

I paid: $8.10

That’s a great price for all of that produce!

Here’s the breakdown:
Onions: $1.69
Strawberries: $.99
Bananas: $.94
Garlic: $.69
Tomatoes: $.69
Snack Bags (1oo ct): $1.99
Butter: $.99

Summary: I definitely liked Aldi, especially for the produce. It seemed like good quality items for way cheaper, thanks to cutting out the overhead such as bags and credit card fees.

Recommendations: The Aldi I went into had a very strong disenfectanct smell, which was kind of a turn off. Not sure if all stores smell like that? I’m thinking no? It was really really strong. Also, I kept a running tab of my total while shopping (I always do that). My total when I got to the checkout was less than $10. My order rang up to $14.07. I had planned to pay with $10 in cash I had on me, but had to fumble around for my debit card to pay. After paying, I parked Lily Bean to the side and looked over the receipt. My 3 Fuji apples that were $.39/each rang up for $1.99 green beans! Overcharged almost $6!!!!

There is no customer service booth, so I had to march back over to a line, where people were not too happy that I was taking away from their checkout time. Too bad, I already waited in line. The employee was extremely polite and apologetic. She returned the “green beans” and gave me about $5 back (since I used debit they can’t just put it back on the card).

Bottom line, I will definitely go back for produce and maybe some other items as well. But I will always be checking my receipt! (Which you should always do anyway!)

What do you like the most and the least about Aldi?

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