My Chocolate Spa Morning at The Hotel Hershey

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I spent the weekend in Hershey, PA as part of a media event to learn about some of The Hershey Company’s properties. I received complimentary lodging to facilitate this event. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

hot cocoa at the hotel hershey

Confession: I am 36 years old and until my trip to Hershey, PA two weeks ago, I have never (EVER!) been to a spa! I’m not sure why, exactly. I guess over the years I convinced myself that pampering was unnecessary and not something that I really cared about. And that was all fine and good until I relaxed my way through a morning of chocolate pampering at the Spa at The Hotel Hershey. It may be hard to predict future events, but I think I can say with confidence that this was only the first of many spa visits for me!

Let me take a couple steps back to properly introduce this spa and its idyllic location. The Hotel Hershey sits atop the mountain that overlooks Hersheypark. It is a grand, Victorian-era sprawling building that has overlooked the town since 1933. As if the facade wasn’t lovely enough to look at, the inside is just gorgeous. From the Fountain Room (which happened to be decorated for Christmas during our visit) to The Circular Restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious brunch, this hotel is a classic!




Our main purpose at The Hotel Hershey on that day was to spend the morning relaxing and being pampered in the Spa at The Hotel Hershey.


The Spa commands some serious square footage in the hotel, and is situated across 3 different floors! There are locker rooms for changing, showering and primping. There are several lounges (including a silent lounge, a whisper lounge and a lounge where you’re free to chat it up all you’d like). The lounges offer hot cocoa, muffins, Hershey’s chocolates and more. When you purchase a spa treatment at Hotel Hershey you gain access to these lounges, the sauna, pool, hot tub, etc for the day even if you aren’t staying at the hotel. We took up residence in the downstairs lounge while we waited for our hosts to pick us up for our treatments.  (See that couch on the left?  I read my book on that comfy couch for about an hour.  So relaxing!)



My treatment selection was Sweet Feet chocolate pedicure.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect during my 60 minute treatment and OHEMGEE was I in for a treat!!  From soaking to scrubbing to relaxing – that’s what my pedicure entailed, all while chocolate-y scents wafted to my nose.




After my amazing Sweet Feet treatment (and apologies, I was so relaxed and happy I never did remember to snap a picture of my beautifully painted toes!) we headed to The Oasis Restaurant located IN the spa.  There we feasted on a delectable fare, all while staying cozy in our plush spa robes!




It was such an incredible experience and I have already informed Bob that we are going to go back together next time and enjoy some Spa couple time!!

Big thanks to Hershey for hosting me on such an incredible weekend tour of the town.  It was neat to learn about how much the town has to offer for everyone of all ages.  I’m sure it won’t be long until my next visit – though I have a good feeling the whole fam will be along with me.  They are all so excited to check out many of the places I went to!

Have you been to the Spa at The Hotel Hershey?  What was YOUR favorite treatment?

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