Mummy Jar Candy Gift + Printable Tag

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Need a quick and easy Halloween gift idea? This cute mason jar mummy makes the perfect candy holder and our free printable gift tag is a sweet finishing touch!

Mummy Candy Jar Gift Tags FINAL

A few years ago we made up these adorable mason jar mummy luminaries.  Every year they come out of our storage box and I pop some battery operated tealights into them.  They are so cute during the day, but at night? They glow and look awesome on the window sill!

This year I was trying to think of a cute and easy way to send some Halloween candy in to Landon’s teacher. It dawned on me that the mason jar mummies would serve as an adorable Halloween themed candy jar!

It turns out, my hunch was correct. It’s so fun looking! These candy jars make a great addition to our Halloween DIY collection. I created a new printable tag (see below) for a sweet final look.

Mason Jar Mummy Candy Gift Materials

To make these candy jars, you will need:

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Mummy Candy Jar Materials

How to Make the Jars

1. Start with a clean or new pint-sized mason jar. You can certainly use a bigger or smaller jar – that’s up to you and really just depends on how much candy you want to gift to the recipient.

2. Use a piece of double-sided tape to attach the end of the gauze roll to the jar.

Mummy Candy Jar Gauze Start

3. Roll the gauze around the jar, making it a little haphazard to look like “mummy” wrap. After your jar is wrapped, use double-sided tape to secure the end of the gauze to the back of the jar.

4. Use double-sided tape to affix two googly eyes to the front of your jar. I placed mine to look a little crooked, to give the mummy a goofier look.  (You can also pick up googly eyes with self-adhesive backs and skip the tape on this step.)

Mummy Candy Taped Eyes

5. Fill your jar with candy! As you can see, we used Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in our jar. You can use whatever candy you’d like. The gift tag does mention “unwrapping” candy, so you can either use candy that comes in a wrapper OR simply let the tag refer to the mummy’s “wraps.”

Fill the jar and place the lid on tightly.

Mummy Candy Jar Reeses

6. Grab our printable page of gift tags. We recommend printing these tags on white cardstock to make them a bit sturdier than regular printer paper.

Mummy Candy Jar Tags

7. Cut out the tags and use a single hole puncher to put a hole in the top left corner of the tag. If desired, sign (or have your kiddo sign, depending on who is giving the gift) the back of the tag.

Mummy Candy Tag Hole Punch

8. Use twine or ribbon to tie the gift tag to the top of the mummy candy jar. How cute is that?

Mummy Candy Jar Tag Close Up

Mummy Candy Jar Gift Tags FINAL

Have fun with this cute Halloween candy jar idea!

If you end up using this idea and post a picture on social media, feel free to tag us in it. We’d love to see your work! 


Mummy Mason Jar Candy Gift PIN

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