Modarri’s Delux Street Track Set Review

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Modarri’s Delux Street Track Set Review

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Shelve the tablets and get down to business with this new race car set from Modarri. We are putting their Delux Street Track Set to the test. See what comes in the box and what we thought of the toy!

Modarri’s Delux Street Track Set Review

The holidays are right around the corner and the kids and I have been having a blast trying out all sorts of must-have toys.  When we find toys that we know your kids will love, we put them front and center on the blog for you to check out!  You might already be familiar with Modarri – they have an impressive lineup of car toys, kits and track sets. We first saw Modarri vehicles and track sets in action at a holiday toy preview in NYC a few years ago. It has been so much fun watching their brand grow and evolve.  This week we had the opportunity to review one of their newest products: Modarri’s Delux Street Track Set.

Modarri Design and Drive Street Track

No Batteries Required

That’s right – this set is 100% self-propelled! There are no batteries or chargers to deal with and your kids can get back to basics with these toys.  They can practice fine motor skills as they build their race car and put their hand-eye coordination to the test as they drive their custom car around the track.  Let’s take a look at what’s included in this set.

What’s in the Box

Here is what you’ll find in the box:

  • 20 pieces of quality EVA foam track (12 pieces of curved foam track, 4 pieces of straight foam track and 4 pieces of Y-shaped foam track.)
  • 11 pieces of racing accessories (4 soft orange racing cones, 4 hard interlocking racing barriers [2 orange, 2 white]) plus 3 soft racing tire stacks
  • 13 interchangeable Modarri car parts (4 wheels, 2 suspensions. 1 chassis, 1 seat, 2 fenders, 2 hoods, 1 metal frame and finally, a swivel-tipped hex screwdriver)

Modarri Foam Track

What We Love About this Modarri Set

Recommended for ages 6+, Landon (age 5) and Lily (age 10) were able to play with this set independently.  We had to demonstrate how to use the included hex screwdriver to change the car’s style with Landon.  After showing him how to swap the car’s interchangeable pieces, he was able to do it on his own.

Modarri Car

They love being able to modify the car.  We received the red/black car and the other color option available is a blue/white car. The car features a working suspension (real springs and linkages in the independent front and rear suspensions) and responsive finger steering.  Landon LOVES watching the car’s wheels turn as he moves the steering wheel!

Red Race Car

Playing Modarri

Of course, the track pieces (made from high quality EVA foam) are another crowning jewel to this set. Thick, durable, and in several different shapes, they interlock and create TONS of various track shapes!! The kids had so much fun designing a new track, racing the car around, and then turned their track into a completely different one by swapping a few pieces out for others.

Landon Modarri Track

Lily Modarri

We are giving this set a BIG thumb’s up.  I love the creativity that I have watched come to life as the kids build and play.  We will definitely be adding some additional Modarri cars to our collection so the kids can each have their own to race around the track.  For now, however, they are happy taking turns with the included car while the other person plays with the many cars and trucks we already own.

The attention to detail on both the track pieces and the car pieces are impressive.  You can tell that a lot of time and thought went into their design. I am looking forward to watching the kids use all sorts of skills as they enjoy this set, from basics in engineering to cooperative play as they work together to build.

The Modarri’s Delux Street Track Set retails for $69.99 and can be found on Modarri’s site, as well as on Amazon.

Landon Track Building Modarri

Modarri’s Delux Street Track Set Review

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