Mindfulness Activities for Kids Printable Bundle

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Think about your most hectic days. Those days when you are running to and fro and feel stressed and overwhelmed. Practicing mindfulness can go a long way to help bring you back to a more peaceful place. Kids are just as susceptible to stress and anxiety. Grab a free copy of our mindfulness activities for kids printable bundle and give them a positive outlet to channel their angst, worries and stress.

Mindfulness activities for kids MC

Warning: this is a cute one! And even better – it truly serves a purpose. I sometimes forget how much stress my kids take on. As an adult, I’m always juggling different stresses and anxieties and if I’m not careful, I can lose site of seeing that my kids are doing the same. Sure, their worries and fears tend to be different than mine, but they are stressful and real just the same. Earlier this year I shared a printable self-care mindfulness bundle for adults and that has been downloaded a lot (can you say 2020?!).

Today’s addition to our huge printable library is aimed at kids and will give you some concrete strategies for tackling stress and anxiety. Even if your kiddo isn’t super stressed, studies have shown time and time again that practicing mindfulness is just, well, GOOD. It’s good for your physical and mental health. I seriously only started giving things like guided meditation a real try in the last couple years. I am continually surprised how much stress I have been able to shake free from thanks to just taking a few minutes to breathe and relax.

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

This printable pack contains 5 pages (well, 6 including the cover). The five activity pages are:

  • Trace and Breathe Rainbow
  • Trace and Color by Number
  • Mindfulness Bingo
  • Kid Yoga Poses
  • Daily Reflection Journal Page

I really love how this pack turned out. It’s so cute and approaches some very simple (yet effective) mindfulness practices on a kid-friendly level.

Mindfulness activities for kids_#1-04 Mindfulness activities for kids_#1-03

You can use the Daily Reflection Journal page as a single page on an as-needed basis OR you can print multiple copies and put them together in binder to use as a daily journal. That’s up to you and you can choose whichever method would best benefit your child or student.

Mindfulness activities for kids_#1-05

Printable Mindfulness Activities Pack

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If you end up using this printable pack, I’d love to hear how it went! Please feel free to tag me if you post on social media. 

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