Mermaid Training Elf on the Shelf Idea

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Who doesn’t love some fun in the sun? Now your elf can add “professional mermaid” (or mer-man!) to his or her long list of skills and accomplishments! Check out this easy tutorial to set up a mermaid training elf scene at your house!

Elf Mermaid Training

Some might say that I had a little too much fun at our last trip to the beach. Others might have questioned the mom having a full on photo shoot with an elf as they walked past our spot on the beach. I digress.

Who WOULDN’T want to train to be a mermaid if given the chance? Certainly your family elf on the shelf wouldn’t ever pass up such an awesome, magical opportunity. This is an easy scene for your elf to set up one night. No ocean required!

Mermaid Elf Training Scene Materials

Your elf will need:

How to set up the scene:

1. Spread out some sand around the scene.

2. Have the elf sit amongst the mer-folk.

3. Write a little note on the chalkboard that advertises for the mermaid training!

That’s it!  Super easy and really cute. Our elf did a similar scene many years ago but instead of training to be a mermaid, he was training to be a fairy from Tinker Bell.

fairy school elf

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Elf Mermaid School PIN

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