Melted Snowman Bark

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Look no further than this adorable melted snowman bark recipe for a sweet treat this winter! Perfect for winter or holiday or winter themed desserts, this snack is always a crowd-pleaser.

Melted Snowman Bark HERO

White Chocolate Melted Snowman Bark

It’s hard not to smile when you get a glimpse of these treats!  These sweets use melted white chocolate as the snowman “body.” (The chocolate represents a melted puddle of snow.) Next you will “accessorize” the chocolate “puddle” with various snowman parts. We used red and green M&Ms to give our snowmen a Christmas feel, but you can switch up the colors however you’d like!

These snowmen are easy to make. You will need to work quickly. The goal is to place the candy on the chocolate before it hardens. It helps to prep all of the candy accessories so they are ready to go.

Melted Snowman Treats are ADORABLE

Have you ever seen a melted snowman cookie or cupcake? They are SO cute! The snowman’s body parts and accessories stuck in the frosting will give the appearance of a melted snowman.

Many years ago, one of my friends owned a local bakery. Every year at Christmas time she would make dozens of batches of the melted snowman cookies pictured below. These cookies were always such a huge hit with everyone we gave them too. Those were the days just before the arrival of Pinterest and her cookies were the first time that I had ever seen a melted snowman treat. Now they are all over the place and there are so many different versions!

Our melted snowman bark reminds me of those cookies!

Bark is an Easy Treat to make!

Chocolate bark is an easy, fun sweet that can be made to fit just about any color and/or theme! From Halloween bark with green chocolate melts and candy eyes to Easter bark loaded with Peeps and Cadbury Eggs, the sky is the limit.

I like to use candy bark to use up sprinkles and other candy that I have in the pantry.

Bark is made by simply melting down some chocolate candy melts and spreading it out on a tray. Before the candy melts harden, you can gently press candy into it! Once it firms up, you can break up the big pieces of chocolate into smaller chunks. Our snowman bark is already portioned. No need to break it up into smaller pieces!

Melted Snowman Bark Ingredients

The ingredient list for melted snowman bark is a simple one!

Melted Snowman Bark ingredients

Melted Snowman Bark Tutorial

Let’s get to it! Time to make the snowmen!

Melted Snowman Bark

This sweet winter treat tastes as great as it looks! Use melted white chocolate for the snowman's body and then accessorize with other foods.
Prep Time30 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: christmas, dessert
Servings: 10


  • baking sheet
  • wax paper
  • candy melter (optional)
  • kitchen scissors


  • 1 bag white candy melts
  • Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups
  • Marshmallows (regular sized)
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Mini M&Ms
  • Black Cookie Icing
  • Orange Cookie Icing


  • Line a baking sheet with wax paper. (You might need more than one baking sheet, depending on how many snowmen you plan to make.)
  • Use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut each marshmallow in half.
    Halved Marshmallows
  • Unwrap each peanut butter cup and use a knife to cut them in half.
  • Break several pretzel sticks in half.
  • Melt the white candy melts. You can use a candy melter or microwave oven.
  • MICROWAVE: Melt white candy melts in a glass bowl according to package directions. I microwave the candy melts in 30 second increments and stir in between. Be careful not to overcook or burn your candy - it can happen quickly. You’re looking for a nice “pour” consistency off the spoon.
    White Melted Chocolate
  • When your candy melts are ready, spoon about 2 spoonfuls of candy onto the wax paper. This is your melted snowman shape! You can push the candy out a little bit into a circle shape to make it look more like a puddle of melted snow.
    Melted Snowman Chocolate Base
  • Carefully set half of a marshmallow near the center of the melted snowman.
    Marshmallow in chocolate
  • Add a peanut butter cup half above the marshmallow. This is the snowman's hat.
    hat on melted snowman
  • Next add 3 mini M&Ms for buttons.
    candy buttons on snowman
  • Then add 2 pretzel stick halves for the snowman's arms.
    pretzel arms
  • At this point, you can repeat these steps until you have made all of the melted snowmen that you plan to make. Set the treats aside until they have dried and hardened.
  • Next, use the black cookie icing to draw the eyes on the marshmallows.
    eyes on snowman
  • Draw a small pointy triangle with the orange cookie icing to make the nose.
    completed melted snowman bark
  • Note: Cookie icing hardens when it is dried. Cake icing or gel tends to stay wet and may smear when touched or stacked. If you plan to stack these treats, I highly recommend using the cookie icing.
    Melted Snowman Bark on Tray
  • Enjoy immediately or you can store these in an airtight container for up to a week.
    Melted Snowman Bark HERO

Tips for Working with Chocolate Melts

These chocolate melts come in a variety of colors and are fairly easy to work with.  I have been working with these candy melts for years and have definitely learned some dos and don’ts! Here are some tips that might help you to get started:

  • You can melt this chocolate using a microwave oven. I recommend using a glass mixing bowl and heating the candy at 30 second intervals, stirring in between intervals.
  • If you would rather not microwave, I HIGHLY recommend this Wilton candy melter! I have had this handy melter for years and have used it dozens and dozens of times. It keeps the melted candy at a consistent temperature. You won’t have to worry about the candy hardening and having to re-heat it while you are trying to work with it.
  • This recipe calls for white candy melts because well, snowmen are white. If, for any reason, you decide to make snowmen that are a different color than white, do NOT add food coloring. This will cause the chocolate to seize up. Simply use whatever color candy melts you wanted besides white.
  • On the same note, if you find that your chocolate is not as “runny” as you’d like, do NOT add water. Water will cause the candy to seize up and you will be left with an unusable mess. You can try a very very small amount of vegetable, canola or even coconut oil to change the consistency. (Note: using coconut oil will give the chocolate a faint coconut flavor.)
  • Chocolate will firm up in room temperature or you can speed up the process by sticking it in the refrigerator.

Storing the Bark

You can definitely enjoy this bark immediately after the chocolate hardens. However if you would like to make it ahead of your party or treat-giving, you are in luck. You can store this bark in an airtight container in a cool spot for up to a week or so. (Just be careful to keep the container out of the heat. Otherwise you will have a big melted candy mess on your hands!)

Fun “No Bake” Holiday Treat

If your holiday season looks anything like ours, you might find yourself doing a good deal of baking. We typically kick of the holiday baking season in November with my mom’s pumpkin bread recipe. From there, it’s all about the Christmas cookies! Each year I made chocolate chip cookies and then usually 2 or 3 other cookie varieties.

One of the reasons that I especially love these snowman treats is because they do not require any baking! The candy melts are also wonderful for chocolate covered pretzel treats if that’s something you wanted to try.

If you decide to give these melted snowman treats a try, let us know how they turn out for you! If you post a picture of them on social media, feel free to tag us. We would love to see them! 

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