Mama Cheaps Gets Hurt.

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Well readers…It has finally happened… bargain hunting has caused bodily harm. Sort of.

It started out innocently enough! I was carrying Lily Bean to our car to head to Kmart for some super double coupon fun. I glanced quickly at the impending storm clouds, and in that split second, I lost my balance on a rut in our driveway… Before landing crashing to the ground, I threw myself under Lily and instead landed right on my ankle. Eesh. Instant swelling ensued to roughly the size of an Extra Large egg; the outlook was not good. I sat on the driveway for several minutes.. in pain, trying not to cry (which I did anyway), and also trying to get Lily to stop eating stones.

Back inside. Elevated, with ice. Not so easy with a 9 month old to chase!

Decided, maybe it felt better. I should just go to Kmart. Hobbled around 2 Kmarts.

Got in car to go home. Felt ankle swelling even more. Throbbing pain ensued. Ate dinner.

Called Caitlin. Off to the ER we went!

Just 1 hour later (seriously!).. the verdict was in: wicked sprain.

We had to wait for the tech to come in.

Caitlin lost all self control and enjoyed every second in the room.

I told you, she went crazy. Yes, that’s a maxi pad.

The end result:

Needless to say, this Mama has had enough for today. Good night. :)

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