Mail Carrier Thank You Snack Bucket + Printable Sign

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Tis the season to… get a lot of package deliveries? Does that sound familiar? This mail carrier thank you snack bucket idea is easy and such a kind way to show some appreciation for the package carriers who work round the clock this time of year! 

Mail Carrier Snack Bucket SQUARE

Holiday Package Delivery Mania

I saw a funny tee shirt the other day…

Here comes Amazon,
Here comes Amazon,
Right down my driveway!

I probably laughed a little extra at that shirt because, well, it’s true. This time of year, there are two recurring thoughts that I have, “I hate crowded stores. I retain some of my sanity by having purchases delivered right to my porch.”

And while I do try to pick slower shipping whenever possible and group my packages together as much as I can, there is still an influx of packages between November and December.

delivery boxes

And so, because I feel the need to show these wonderful package deliver people some gratitude for their extra efforts this time of year, I finally put together one of those appreciation snack offerings that I keep seeing on social media.

When I placed my Walmart pickup order this week, I added some snacks and drinks that would hold up well to the outside elements.

See below for the printable sign that I made.  I actually made two sign versions – one is Christmas themed and the other is a non-holiday theme.  You can print whichever one you like best!

Mail Carrier Thank You Snack Bucket Signs
Mail Carrier Thank You Snack Bucket Signs
easy snack ideas

I plan to keep this bucket out each day up until Christmas Eve, restocking as we go. I hope that this small effort will add some extra cheer to our delivery people’s routes!

Printable Mail Carrier Thank You Signs

Get the printable signs: Mail Carrier Thank You Snack Bucket

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I actually laminated my sign with our home laminator. This way, the sign will hold up to the elements and I won’t need to reprint.

I used packing tape to tape the laminated sign to a ruler.  LOL  I didn’t have anything else on hand to use as the stick, and the ruler worked great!

My sign for 2020 was a little different, but these days I’m back to using the original version.

2020 mail carrier snacks
Taped Sign

Our thank you snack bucket turned out great! Don’t overthink this one – stick with easy and simple. Your gesture will not go unappreciated.

Snack Bucket
Santa Snacks for Mail Carriers

Tips for Your Mail and Package Driver Snack Bucket

Here are a few tips I have (and questions I have received) after 5+ years of setting our snack bucket out.

When should I set my snack basket out?

I try to put my bucket out whenever I decide that my holiday gift shopping is really ramping up. Some years this is in late October, and other years it’s closer to Black Friday in late November. There’s not really a wrong time to put the snacks out, but I try to aim for the weeks when the most deliveries will arrive so that I can treat as many drivers as possible.

Should I leave the snack bucket out overnight?

I recommend bringing in your snacks at night for a couple of different reasons. Reason 1: wildlife loves to visit our porch overnight and we have woken up to racoon and squirrel-stolen snacks! Reason 2: when the temperatures start to dip, your snacks and drinks will freeze if left out.

What are the best snacks to offer?

That’s entirely up to you! I like to aim for a mix of healthy and treat. I throw granola bars and clementines in along with candy bars and Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes. Whatever you want to include is great.

Restock the bucket as needed

Every few days, you can add new treats and drinks to replace what has been taken.

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