Leprechaun TRICK SLIME (Oobleck)

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Leprechaun TRICK SLIME (Oobleck)

Roll up your sleeves for some messy fun with this tricky spin off traditional slime.  You only need 2 ingredients to make leprechaun trick slime (aka oobleck). Squeeze the oobleck and it hardens in a lump… open your hands and watch the lump dissolve into runny slime before your eyes! 

Just when you think you have seen it all…

Have you tried making Oobleck?  This concoction is perfect for your slime-loving kids and is very easy to make.  It would be a really fun project to make around St. Patrick’s Day because it is a totally mystifying substance – just the kind of thing a tricky little leprechaun might create!

trick slime oobleck

Oobleck is made up of a corn starch and water mixture.  That’s it!  The corn starch goes a little coocoo when you add water to it.  You can poke it, hit it, squeeze it and it will act like a solid.  But the second you take the pressure off and say, put a pile on your open palm, it returns to a liquid state and drips off your hand like melting ice cream!

Oobleck Ingredients

1 cup water

1.5 cups corn starch

food coloring (optional)

Oobleck Ingredients

How to Make Oobleck

I promise you – this is as easy as it looks! Combine the water and corn starch in a bowl. Add food coloring if you’d like. Mix with a spoon or your hands. That’s it! Ready to play!!

Making Oobleck

I tossed some plastic gold coins into our Oobleck to fit the St. Patrick’s Day theme. It was trickier than you’d expect to try to dig the coins back out again!

Gold Coins Slime
Mixing Oobleck


Leprechaun TRICK SLIME (Oobleck)

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