Laura Ingalls 18″ Doll by The Queen’s Treasures Review

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Lily Holding Laura Ingalls Dolls

When I was in 2nd grade, we had a book project to complete for Language Arts class. We were to choose a chapter book from a list provided by our teacher and then create some sort of game that we had to present to the class. I remember checking a hardback copy of Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder out of the library and immediately being drawn into the pioneer’s tale.  From setting up their homestead to prairie fires and grasshopper attacks, I became entranced by the story.  I loved reading a real story written about a real girl who was just about my same age.  She loved horses and her dog and going to school – all of the same things that I loved!

I still remember the game that I created for that book report.  My parents got me a piece of square plywood and we glued a piece of poster board on top Using a black marker I carefully constructed a path of squares until I had a board game.  I colored in the squares with crayon and made trivia cards out of cardstock.  Each card offered a fact about about a character or event in the book.  If the news was good, the player could advance on the game board.  If the card told a negative fact, the player lost a turn or had to go backwards.

It’s funny how that project was now more than 25 years ago and yet I can still remember so many details about it.  Of course, the biggest takeaway was the beginning of my love for the Little House on the Prairie books.  A few years after reading the books for the first time, I started to watch the television series.  Every day I’d race off the bus, finish my homework in minutes and settle in front of the tv to watch Little House at 4 pm.

It shouldn’t surprise you that I have already introduced my own daughter to this wonderful world of stories.  Over the Summer we visited the local library and she enjoyed the Little House Friends book series which is an easy reader set of books that tell snippets of different Laura Ingalls stories.  Lily is now in 2nd grade and her grandparents bought her the Little House box set of all of the original books for her birthday.  She recently dove into the first book and is thoroughly enjoying it.

Lily Reading Little House in the Big Woods

So with myself, an already-proclaimed-fan of Little House and now my daughter following in my literary footsteps, I can’t being to tell you how excited we were to check out a very special new doll made exclusively by The Queen’s Treasures. An officially licensed Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls 18” Doll can be purchased from and for $99.99. In addition to the doll, The Queen’s Treasures also makes a line of fun accessories to further the prairie fun!

This doll will also fit any clothing or furniture that you might already own for other 18″ dolls.

Laura Ingalls Doll

This Laura Ingalls doll is just BEAUTIFUL!  So much attention to detail in her facial features and I love the gorgeous color of her eyes.  She comes packed up in a cute box that resembles a log cabin.  Inside the box you will find the doll (in her nightgown and night cap), a pillow, a patchwork quilt, Laura’s little rag doll and also a small pamphlet with a nice introduction to Laura Ingalls.

Laura Ingalls Prairie Doll The Queens Treasures

We are so happy with this doll, and I know she is going to be spoiled with a whole lot of love!  She would be an amazing gift for Little House fans of all ages.  To purchase this Laura Ingalls doll or any of her accessories, head over to The Queen’s Treasures or Target!

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