Last Day of Distance Learning and Teaching Printable Signs

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Ready to celebrate this most unusual school year? Finished with virtual school and need a photo sign to snap some last day of distance learning pictures for the scrapbook? Hoping to hang up your temporary teaching hat after this?  I got you.

Check out our last day of distance learning printable signs collection!

last day of distance learning photo signs

Well, well, well.

Here. we. are.

And what a strange, crazy, tiring, monotonous, eerie, unplanned, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants time it’s been.  AM I RIGHT? So while the end of the school year this year might not be like anything we have ever experienced, I do feel pretty confident that the end is celebration-worthy.

Every year on the first day of school, I snap a picture of the kiddos on our front porch. They are always holding a first day of school sign, sporting new outfits and fresh haircuts. Full of anticipation for the new year ahead and ready to be reunited with friends and teachers.

Traditionally our last day of school pictures are always a little different than the first day, but still full of excitement. The kids pose with last day of school signs before heading to the bus stop for one last day of fun before summer break.

This year will look and feel different.

Back in March, when the kids’ school first closed, we thought it was just going to be for 2 weeks.  Maybe a little longer, like a month. But quite honestly, we couldn’t wrap our minds around anything longer than that.

Then the 2 weeks turned into 4 weeks. Then 1 month turned into 2 months. By the time all is said and done, we will have spent 3 entire months at home.  We have tried our best with distance learning. The kids’ teachers have been amazing and have definitely gone above and beyond to deliver the curriculum virtually to the best of their abilities. We had some really good days, and we also had some pretty crappy days.

And while this is not at all how we planned or wanted to end this year, here we are.

We are ready to celebrate! 

I am looking forward to snapping some pictures with these new last day of distance learning signs!

Last Day of Distance Learning Printable Signs

I tried to include a variety of signs in this printable file! There are 8 signs total and you can pick and choose which ones you print. And yes, I even included options for parents to print as well as they wrap up their stint as teachers. (Hopefully forever, but only time will tell.)

Here is what you’ll find in this printable PDF:

  • (2) Last Day of Virtual School printable signs
  • (2) Last Day of Distance Learning printable signs
  • (1) Last Day of Quarantine School printable signs
  • (3) Last Day of Teaching printable signs

Get the printable: Last Day of Distance Learning Printable Signs

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This easy-to-open PDF file contains 8 different pages with a different sign on each page. You can print individual pages based on which signs you’d like to use.


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