Kinetic Sand Valentine Ideas + Printable Tags

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We are absolutely LOVING these cute Kinetic Sand Valentines! They make a great non-candy Valentine alternative. See how we put them together and grab our free printable tags to create your own.

Pair of Kinetic Sand Valentine Tags

Are you familiar with Kinetic Sand? For us, Kinetic Sand was definitely love at first touch. This soft, moldable sand concoction is almost mesmerizing to play with. It does not dry up, doesn’t crumble into a billion pieces. You can even mold it into actual shapes, just like real sand. It’s basically magic. If you have never had the opportunity to play with Kinetic Sand, definitely add it to your list of things to check out. It is a fun way to get a little sensory time logged.

I am the first to admit: I HATE messes. So trust me when I tell you that Kinetic Sand is seriously pretty mess-free. Enough that I will actually let the kids use it inside the house because know that the clean up will be minimal.

A couple months ago I was cruising the aisles at my local Walmart. I found 2 smaller Kinetic Sand sets that I thought were adorable. They were the perfect size for party favors, stocking stuffers, or Valentines.

These sets are pictured below. I paid $2 for each of the sand castle shaped containers (these are 4.5 oz) and $5 for the treasure chest shaped container (6 oz).

Kinetic Sand Sets

Kinetic Sand Valentine Ideas

I picked up these sets of Kinetic Sand and immediately my thoughts went to making some printables to go along with them. Since Valentine’s Day was the next holiday on the calendar, I settled on using a Valentine theme for my printable tags. (I knew that they would make a great addition to my huge collection of free printables!)

Each one of these sets contains Kinetic Sand, but I love how the smaller sets have a sand castle theme and the treasure chest has little “gems” inside!

I decided to make two different themed gift tags and included them both in this printable pack.

Perfect Non Candy Valentine

These days, many schools have actually stopped allowing food items to be sent to the classroom for Valentines or birthday treats. This non-candy option is a fun Valentine idea that is safe for any classmates who might have food allergies.

Get the Printables

This printable pack contains 3 pages. One page contains the “I Dig You” themed tags with a border. Another page offers the same design but without a border. (I found this version to fit the sand castle containers the best.) The final page of this pack has the “Treasure” themed tags. You get all three pages in the PDF file and you can print whichever ones you want.

Kinetic Sand Tags

Kinetic Sand and Tags

I recommend printing these tags on heavy white cardstock to make them sturdier than regular printer paper. You can sign the front or back of the tags.

Attach the tags to the sand containers with a piece of tape. So simple!

Sand Castle Kinetic Sand Valentine Tag

Get the printable: Kinetic Sand Valentine Pack

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