Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees – Easy Holiday Snack Craft

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Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees – Easy Holiday Snack Craft

What’s better than a craft?  Why, a craft you can EAT, of course!  Check out these adorable Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees for a fun and easy snack to do with kids this Christmas season!

Christmas Tree Cones

Last year on a cold day in December, I drove over to Landon’s preschool to pick him up from lunch bunch. His teacher popped her head out of the door and motioned for the freezing parents to come and wait inside as the kids were still finishing up the craft for that day. As I walked into the classroom, I was immediately hit with that oh-so-sweet smell of straight up frosting-in-a-can.  Then my eyes caught the sight of several 4 year olds who were absolutely LOVING the task at hand.  They had slathered green frosting all over sugar cones and were meticulously adorning those “trees” with candies like sprinkles, M&Ms and peppermints.

Landon’s ice cream cone Christmas tree made it home and lasted for all of about seven minutes before I let him enjoy his crafting efforts and he ate it right up!

He had so much making this craft and has been asking me to make them again.  Yesterday we found ourselves with some unusual downtime in the afternoon, so I let both of the kids have a go at some trees.  They had so much fun!

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Ingredients

Sugar Cones
White Frosting
Green Food Coloring
Festive Candy Decorations (M&Ms, sprinkles, etc)

Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Ingredients

How to Make Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

These treats are so easy to make, I’m sure it’s self-explanatory, but here’s a step-by-step tutorial to follow, along with some pictures!

1. Unless you happened to pick up green frosting, you will need to make some.  Simply mix a few drops of green food coloring into your white frosting.  If you want a darker green, add a couple more drops of food coloring.

Food Coloring Frosting

Green Frosting

2. We like to give each kid a paper plate to use as their “workspace.” Let the kids use a butter knife or icing tool to coat their ice cream cone with green frosting.

Frosted Christmas Tree Cone

Landon Icing Tree

3. Decorate trees as desired!  We kept it pretty simple this time around and only used sprinkles.  Incorporating other candies onto your tree would look awesome too. I grabbed sprinkles that contained yellow star sprinkles, which is a great finishing touch for any Christmas Tree!

holiday sprinkles

Tree Cones Frosting

You could let the kids make these treats and eat them right away, OR you could use them as a super cute centerpiece during holiday entertaining and let the kids eat them after the party.  Your choice, but either way, CUTE and EASY!!


Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

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