ibi Review: Meet the Smart Photo Manager

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If you have ever found yourself wishing that you could back up the photos on your phone with the ease of the cloud but the reliability of a physical hard drive, read on. If you have ever found yourself wanting to share pictures privately with a select group of friends or family in a private manner that is NOT social media, read on. If you want an easy way to store, sort and share your favorite pictures, you absolutely must read about our experience with ibi, the smart photo manager.

ibi smart photo manager

ibi Smart Photo Manager Review

Meet ibi. 

We received an ibi a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit, I was leery. I was leery of one more device.  I know that this product boasts a lot of features that sounded really good on the side of the box.  But would this device really help me store, share and archive our family pictures and video?

ibi box

What’s in the box?

I was pleasantly surprised to open up the ibi box and find… not much. No bells and whistles, no crazy attachments or anything needing to be assembled.

Inside the ibi box:

  • ibi
  • power cord
  • direction sheet

ibi contents

How to setup a new ibi?

As you might expect from the very few items in the box, the ibi is a SNAP to setup.  I’m not exaggerating.  I had my device up and running within minutes. Here are the steps that I followed to set up my ibi:

  • Plug the power cord into the ibi and connect the cord to a power source.
  • Download the ibi app on your smartphone.
  • Follow the easy in-app instructions to connect the ibi to your home WiFi.
  • Follow the easy in-app directions to set up your photo sync preferences, set up sharing, create albums and more.

What does an ibi actually DO?

In its most basic sense, ibi is a smart photo manager that can store photos and video.  You will be prompted to create an account with ibi upon setting up the app.

Once you set up the app, some of the things you can do with your ibi include:

  • back up photos and video from the camera roll on your phone
  • organize your photos and videos
  • access the photos via ibi app AND via ibi desktop program (both are free downloads)
  • share photos or entire albums with anyone you want with a private link
  • collect all of your photos in one spot – ibi can sync from your phone, cloud accounts, and even social media accounts!

My personal experience with ibi

I have had ibi for about two weeks now. I put together an ibi review. Here are some of my top takeaways and how I have used this device so far:

  • Setup was a breeze. I was plugged in and had my ibi online in less than 10 minutes.  It was truly one of the easiest peripheral devices I have ever set up.
  • The ibi app was simple to download and set up.  So far it appears to be easy to use.
  • The main thing I have used my ibi for is to back up the photos on my camera roll. I currently do not have my phone backing up pictures anywhere, not even to the cloud.  Losing my phone and thus, all of my pictures, is something that I have worried about but still didn’t have a backup solution in place.  Until now.  I am so happy to see my pictures and videos loading automatically from my phone to my ibi app.
  • I have also downloaded the ibi desktop program and can access my pictures and videos from both the ibi app AND the desktop component. I LOVE having my media so accessible.
  • I have created some albums on the ibi app and added pictures to them.  I like the ability to organize pictures by date/event.
  • I was also able to share some of my pictures with family by sending them via private link. These are family who are not on social media and I know miss out on seeing pictures of the kids.
  • The ibi I received has some massive storage space at 2TB!  I will not be running out of room for a long, long time!

I am really excited to continue using this device and I feel such a sense of relief knowing that I have my phone pictures backed up.  I am usually so on top of backing up my data – I have an entire backup server for this website and also have a mirror backup of my desktop computer, but until now, had nothing for my phone.

It would break my heart to lose my pictures!

Camera Roll Snap

I hope you have found my ibi review to be helpful! You can find ibi at retailers nationwide, including Amazon, BestBuy.com, and from https://www.meetibi.com. There is NO monthly subscription service required with ibi and all you need to use it is a WiFi connection and an iPhone or iPad (iOS 12_), Android (Ver 9.0+), Windows (10+), or Mac (Mojave+).

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