How to Throw a Boozy Easter Egg Hunt

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Who says that Easter Egg Hunts are just for kids? This adult-only version of the traditional Easter activity is a lot of fun, no matter how many people play. Throw a boozy Easter Egg Hunt this year for a little 21+ entertainment.

Booze Easter Egg Hunt 1

Let’s face it: we might all need this kind of Easter hunt by this point.

Bob and I have joked about throwing a boozy Easter hunt every year, as we typically host the big family Easter dinner for my side of the family. But isn’t it ironic that the year when NO ONE is celebrating together is THE YEAR that we truly need an Easter egg hunt like this one? UGH.

No matter.  We can celebrate solo.

For this egg hunt, the premise is pretty super simple. And to be honest? You could ditch the plastic eggs altogether if you want. Just hide some small bottles of liquor or some bottles of beer around your property.

Boozy Easter Egg Hunt Supplies

Medium Sized Plastic Eggs (we found them at Dollar Tree)

Easter Grass

Mini Liquor Bottles

Booze Easter Egg Hunt Supplies

How to Assemble the Eggs

1. Place a layer of Easter grass in the bottom half of each plastic egg.

Booze Easter Egg Hunt Grasse

2. Nestle a tiny bottle of liquor in each egg.

Booze in Eggs

3. Close egg.

Booze Easter Egg Hunt 2

That’s it!

Take your liquor-filled eggs and hide them around your house or yard and have a blast as your 21+ year old family members go on the search for their eggs!

If you find yourself doing a boozy egg hunt with a large amount of people (not this year, sadly), the supplies (alcohol) can get quite costly. You might want to ask your friends who are attending to chip in for the liquor purchase. Up to you!

No matter when or where you try out this egg hunt, I hope you have fun!

Captain Morgan Spiced Pumpkin Shot in Easter Egg


Booze Easter Egg Hunt PIN

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