How to Make Leprechaun Cookies | St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trick

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Leprechaun Cookies

Whether you find yourself looking for a fun leprechaun trick to play on the kiddos, or simply want to create a super awesome holiday themed dessert for your St. Patrick’s Day party, these Leprechaun Cookies are JUST the ticket!  They are so easy to make, are very budget friendly and look fantastic!

Here’s a video of me making these:

I first set out to make these “golden” cookies using Nilla wafers.  While the end result was just fine and dandy, they lacked the WOW factor that I was seeking because, well, those cookies are already pretty gold in color.  I had a pack of chocolate sandwich cookies in the pantry and decided to try those (I used ALDI brand – OREO cookies or anything similar would work.)  This type of cookie worked MUCH better!

You only need 2 things to make Leprechaun Cookies: a pack of cookies and a can of Wilton Gold Color Mist.  I picked up some small glittery Irish hats at the dollar store to serve the cookies in… those small plastic black treasure pots (ie end of the rainbow) would work great too.

Leprechaun Cookie Ingredients

Arrange cookies in a single layer on parchment or wax paper.  Spray one side of the cookies until they are the shade of gold that you desire.  Flip cookies over and repeat this procedure.

Gold Painted Cookies
Edible Color Mist Wilton

That’s it!  Allow your cookies to dry for a bit or else you will end up with gold food paint on your fingers.  Here is a look at a painted cookie next to an unpainted cookie so you can really see the difference.

Painted and unpainted cookies

These would be so fun to serve at a St. Patrick’s Day party or even to sneak into your kids’ lunch for dessert that day.

Golden Cookies Spray Paint


Leprechaun Cookies Recipe

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  1. So cute and easy! Has anyone tried this with golden Oreos? I’m wondering if they would achieve the gold look much easier?

    • Wow! I didn’t get a single crack and I sprayed them at pretty close range. Maybe try spraying from farther away? Are they brand name Oreos? (Not sure if other brands hold up as well?? I would think they’d be fine.) I’m stumped!!


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