How to Make a Ghost Frosting Board

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The other day I published a really fun looking candy corn frosting board. Today I’m back with another Halloween themed frosting board! Check out this ghost frosting board and make plans to add this awesome dessert to your party menu.

Ghost Frosting Board HERO

I am really loving the latest trend of frosting boards! They are such a fun spin on grazing and dessert boards and you can really be creative with the overall design and theme of your board. You can make a frosting board to fit just about any party theme or occassion. They usually aren’t super costly and they feed a small crowd!

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Frosting Board Supplies

Before you get to work on your ghost frosting board, you’ll need to gather your supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Frosting: Grab some white frosting. We used a regular store-bought tub of vanilla frosting. You will also want to pick up a tube of black cookie frosting to add the ghostly accents on your ghost.
  2. Candy Eyes: Get a pack of sugar candy eyes for your ghost’s face.
  3. Dipping Treats: You’ll want to have a variety of Halloween-themed and traditional foods to dip in the frosting, like cookies, Halloween Peepsgummy eyeballs, and, of course, candy corn.
  4. Large Board or Platter: Choose a board that’s big enough to arrange your dipping snacks and have some space for the creative part – frosting!
Ghost frosting board ingredients

Building a Ghost Frosting Board

Follow the step-by-step guide below to build a board of your own.

1. White Frosting

Create a ghost shape out of the white frosting on the center of your board.

White frosting on board

2. Sugar Eyes

Place 2 of the sugar candy eyes on the top of the ghost’s face.

Eyes on Frosting Ghost

3. Black Frosting Mouth

Draw a mouth on the ghost under the eyes.

Mouth on ghost

4. Arrange the Dunking Treats

Time to add some sweet treats for dunking into the frosting! You can use your Halloween-themed snacks to add to the final look of your board. Get creative with candy eyeballs, Peeps, and cookies. A sprinkle of candy corn here and there is a great finishing touch.

Ghost Frosting Board SQUARE

Tips and Tricks

  • Get creative with your ghostly expressions. Feel free to make a different mouth than I did. Yours can be winking, have an open mouth, etc.
  • You can use edible glitter or dust to give your ghost a shimmering “glow.”
  • Feel free to make this board up to a few hours before your your party.

I hope this ghost frosting board makes a fun addition to your party menu! Be sure to browse the rest of the Halloween content on the site while you’re here. There is a a lot!


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