How to Dye Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid

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Most years before Easter, we dye some hard boiled eggs. Typically we use the vinegar and food coloring method to dye our eggs for Easter. Some years, we try other variations. See how easy it is to dye Easter eggs with Kool-Aid powered drink mix!

Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs in Basket

We have had a lot of fun finding different ways to dye or color our Easter eggs over the years. Last year we dyed our eggs with shaving cream and paint. The year before that, we gave the Egg-mazing Egg Decorator a spin (SO fun!).

This year we set our sights on one of our favorite childhood beverages: KOOL-AID. Perhaps you are familiar with the potent dyeing capability of Kool-Aid? When I was in high school, there were always kids dying their HAIR with Kool-Aid. (Yes, it really works. Yes, the colors are BRIGHT. Yes, it eventually washes out.)

It turns out, Kool-Aid works quite well for dying eggs!

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Kool-Aid Easter Egg Supplies

For this project, you will need:

  • Hard-boiled eggs (we make them in our Instant Pot!)
  • Jars or mugs or bowls
  • 2 Red Kool-Aid Packets
  • 2 Yellow Kool-Aid Packets
  • 3 Blue Kool-Aid Packets
  • Purple Kool-Aid Packet
  • Pink Kool-Aid Packet
  • Water

You can round up individual Kool-Aid packets or buy a variety pack of Kool-Aid that comes with different colors.

Kool Aid Packets

A few tips before you get started: 

  • Making sure your eggs have been hardboiled before you start!
  • Wear old/play clothes because I am not joking when I say that KOOL-AID WILL DYE ANYTHING it comes in contact with.
  • Cover your workspace with butcher paper or newspaper to minimize the mess and potential stains.
  • You can follow our color combo suggestions or you can set this up as a STEM activity and let the kids choose which colors to mix together to see what colors are produced.

Kool Aid in Mason jars

Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

1. You will use a different container (bowl, jar, mug) for each color or color combination.

2. Add Kool-Aid powder to each jar.

3. Add 2 cups of boiling water to each jar. Stir to dissolve the drink mix.

Kool Aid Jars

Here are the color combinations we used (see pictures of each result below):

Orange – 1 yellow packet + tiny sprinkle of red

Green – 1 yellow packet + tiny sprinkle of blue

Purple – 1 purple packet

Red – 1 red packet

Pink – 1 pink packet

Blue – 1 blue packet

Yellow – 1 yellow packet

4. Place eggs into each cup of dye carefully and one at a time.

5. Leave the eggs in the color jars until they reach the color you want.

6. Use a spoon or tongs to remove the eggs from the dye and place on a wire cooling rack until they have dried completely. (Try not to handle the eggs while they are wet. You will end up dyeing your fingers while removing some color from the eggs.

7. Once the eggs have cooled completely, store them in the refrigerator until eaten.

Check out the colors that we ended up with:

Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs LEMONADE

Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs LEMONADE and BLUE

Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs GRAPE

Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs CHERRY

Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs CHERRY LEMONADE


Don’t they look really fun? So bright and colorful!

If you decide to give this one a try, let us know how it works out for you! If you post a picture on social media, feel free to tag us. We’d love to see your final results! 


Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs PIN

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  1. Wonder if you could do this to a hard boiled white and then dry and fill with yellow for hard boiled eggs? I know they do it with food coloring.


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