Holiday Toy Spotlight: Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus™

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Today we are shining the spotlight on one of the hottest toy picks this year for the preschool crowd.  If you are shopping for an engaging, fun toy to gift to the 3-6 year old crowd, check out our thoughts on the Think & Learn Rocktopus™ by Fisher-Price!

Landon Think and Learn Rocktopus

I don’t know about your kids, but BOTH of mine love to break out in spontaneous song and dance.  Peppy song comes on the radio?  They are dancing.  In this house we break out into random dance parties, which I truly believe are good for the soul. Lily has now been in formal dance classes for more than half of her life.  Landon has opted to start ice hockey over dance, but not because he doesn’t like dancing.  Oh no. It’s because he, at age 5, feels that dance classes suppress his love of freestyling.  His exact words to us were, “the dance teacher won’t let me do any of MY moves.  Only her moves.”  LOL!!  So needless to say, I am always on the lookout for great toys that incorporate my kids’ love for music and dance.

One of the hottest toys this holiday season for the preschool age group is undoubtedly the Think & Learn Rocktopus™ by Fisher-Price.  We are no strangers to the Think & Learn line of toys and have enjoyed many of them over the years.  This one is no exception!

Rocktopus Playing

One of our favorite parts of the Think & Learn line of toys, is how much fun the kids have while learning at the same time.  This toy is no different!  The Rocktopus comes with the main toy console and then 15 musical instruments to swap in and out of the octopus “arms.” Kids can not only learn about a variety of musical instruments, but they can practice using gross motor skills, listening skills and even basic math skills as they jam to the music!

Guitar Rocktopus

There are three different modes that kids can play on the Rocktopus: Math, Music and Game.  Landon had a blast rotating through all of these modes.  He loved the math mode that really made him think about patterns and using his inferencing skills to make a good guess at the right answer.  Of course, he just loved rocking out to the music, swapping the instruments in and out, creating countless “masterpieces” of his own.

One of the key factors I look at when determining whether or not a toy has the potential for long-term success is if the kids come back to it after that initial unboxing. With the Think & Learn Rocktopus, I have watched Landon come back to it time and time again.  It’s probably also worth noting, Lily loves it too.  Yes, she’s ten and definitely older than the target age range for the toy, but she has only been too happy to sit with Landon and play with the Rocktopus.  I love toys that bring the two of them together!

Rocktopus Playing 2

We think that the Rocktopus would make a great gift for your favorite preschooler this holiday season!  It does a fantastic job incorporating silly fun with creativity and education. Now that’s a toy we can get behind!  You can find it at stores nationwide, including Walmart.

Who would you gift a Rocktopus to?

Rocktopus Christmas Tree


Fisher-Price Think & Learn ROCKTOPUS Review

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