Posted on January 30, 2018

We Tried HelloFresh and Here’s What We Thought!

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HelloFresh Review and Coupon

We have all been there.  Life gets busy and thinking about what to make for dinner can be stressful. We tried out HelloFresh for 3 of our dinners last week.  Read about our experience in this review and use coupon code MAMACHEAPS30 to save $30 on your first order!

One of the more frequent questions that I have been asked over the years?  “Have you tried a meal-kit delivery service for dinners?”  And my answer to this question was always, “No!  But I want to!” We recently had a chance to try the HelloFresh service and I am excited to share our thoughts with you.

HelloFresh Delivery

Last week I arrived home to find this big ‘ol box from HelloFresh on our porch. There are several meal plan choices to make when you place your order. I choose the “Family Plan” for 4 people and got 3 different meals in our shipment. When your box from HelloFresh arrives, you will want to open it as soon as possible as there might be perishables that need refrigeration. (The package contains big ice packs but you will still want to get them in the fridge as soon as you can.)

What comes in a HelloFresh meal subscription box?

I brought the box inside the house and dug right in – I could not wait to see what they sent!  The very first items that I encountered in the box were my recipe cards and nutritional information for each of the three recipes that we would be cooking. The meals that they sent us were: Tomato-y Tortelloni Soup, Meatloaf À La Mom and Sliced Steak Tagliata.  We LOVED the thick, glossy, easy-to-follow recipe cards and it will be nice to have them on hand to recreate the recipes in the future.

HelloFresh Recipe Card

Once I pulled our recipe cards, etc out of the box, I opened up the big insulated bag. Each meal was packed inside of its own brown paper bag, clearly labeled so you know what recipe it goes to. Inside the bag are all of the ingredients for that recipe in particular, minus the meats or other items that need to sit right on the ice packs.

HelloFresh Bagged Meals

Under the bags and on top of the ice packs are the most perishable items, for example our meat and cheese tortelloni were some of the ingredients at the bottom of our box.

HelloFresh Ice Packs

For this post, I will focus on one of the three recipes that came in our HelloFresh box.  The very first meal that we made was the Tomato-y Tortelloni Soup.  It was particularly cold on the day that we made our first meal and a nice hearty soup sounded like a great idea for dinner.  You can see the ingredients below, minus the sausage.  Our box from HelloFresh included every single ingredient needed for this recipe except for olive oil, which we always have on hand.

HelloFresh Tomato Tortelloni Soup

We got to work and after very minimal prep, our soup was simmering away and smelling DELICIOUS! I loved the fresh basil that topped off this flavor-packed meal.

Cooking HelloFresh

Tortelloni Soup

The finished product looked pretty amazing and we could not wait to dig in!

HelloFresh Tortellini Soup

Final Thoughts on HelloFresh


And this was just one of our three meals!

This soup was incredibly tasty and very easy to make.  Prep time was minimal and in less than an hour we were sitting down and enjoying our dinner. The other 2 meals that we made on the nights that followed were just as good as this one.

We had a feeling that we would like the convenience of HelloFresh, but we had no idea if the recipes would be meals that we would like or how fresh the ingredients would be when they arrived at our door.  I am thrilled to report that the meals were fantastic (enjoyed by ALL FOUR of us!) and the ingredients were super fresh.

Would you like to try HelloFresh?  Now is a great time to try their service because when you place your first order on their website and use coupon code MAMACHEAPS30, you will save $30 on your box!  If you decided to give HelloFresh a try, leave me a comment and let me know what your experience is like and what meals you tried!


HelloFresh Review

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