Halloween Glow Stick Ideas for a Safe Night (and Free Printable!)

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The Halloween season is finally upon us and it’s time to get your creative costume ideas ready for the kids! One of the most popular activities for families on Halloween night is trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. To make sure your night out is a safe one and easy to spot, we have some creative Halloween glow stick ideas for you (plus a free printable!).

Halloween Glow Stick Gift HERO

Glow Stick & Safety

I suggest using glow sticks or other light up items for safety. When it’s dark outside, the streets are less visible than during the day time so make sure that people know where you are at night by wearing something bright like a glow stick necklace or bracelet.

Glow sticks are perfect because they last a long time (upwards of 12 hours) and won’t run out when you need them most.

Sidenote: we always use glow sticks when camping, too!

Ideas for Using Glow Sticks on Halloween Night

There are so many ways to use these light sticks on Halloween night to promote safety as the kids head out. Whether it’s to let cars know where the kids are, to add to their costume’s look, or to help the kids find their parents if they wander off a bit too far.

Here are some more creative ideas to light up the night:

  • Give glow sticks as a treat in your child’s classroom with our adorable pumpkin printable (see below)
  • Hand out glow sticks at your home instead of sweet treats
  • Add a glow stick to your child’s costume to really stand out (be careful as they are a choking hazard, so keep them away from younger kids)
  • Add glow sticks to your child’s Halloween night wagon, buggy or stroller so it’s easier for the kids to spot you in the crowd
  • Create glow stick necklaces or bracelets for your child and their friends so it’s easier to find each other when they’re cutting through yards, crossing streets or need to switch trick-or-treat bags for any reason.

When it’s time to stock up on goodies, make sure you throw some glow sticks in your cart for these Halloween glow stick ideas. And enjoy your night knowing that the kids and their friends are glowing and safe as they trick or treat.

Halloween Pumpkin Glow Stick Holder

This new addition to our free printable collection is cute and so easy to use. It is the perfect way to gift glow sticks (and glow sticks make a great non-food item if you are looking to avoid any possible food allergies).

Glow Stick Holder Supplies

To put these glow stick holder gifts together, you will need:

You can grab our printable right here. Simply enter your email address in the box and opt-in to receive our free newsletter.  Check your inbox for this printable, which you will receive as a subscriber bonus. NOTE: This file is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT sell the digital file or sell the printed work. You may NOT redistribute the digital file or printed work.

Halloween Glow Stick Holder Supplies

How to assemble

1. Print out our glow stick holders on white cardstock.

2. Cut out the holders. Use an X-acto knife to cut along the two dotted lines on each holder.

3. Slide 2 glow sticks through both of the holes on each card.

4. Tape 2 connectors to the back of each card.

Halloween Glow Stick Connectors

That’s it! You’re ready for gifting!

You can have your kiddo sign the backs of these holders if you’d like. Make sure you take a look through all of our other Halloween ideas – there are lots of crafts and recipes!

If you end up using these printables, definitely let us know how they worked out for you! If you post a picture of them on social media, feel free to tag us. We love seeing our printables “in action.”


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