“I’m Stuck on You” Glue Stick Valentine + FREE Printable Cards

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Glue Stick Valentine Free Printable

Glue Stick Valentines

As the winter months drag on, I usually find myself sending in a fresh round of glue sticks, crayons and other assorted school supplies to restock Lily’s depleted pencil box. Last week while I rounded up some things to send to school, I came up with the idea for a Glue Stick Valentine. I thought this would not only make a great non-candy Valentine option, but it might help out the teacher if every kid received a shiny new glue stick.

If you stocked up on glue sticks during back to school shopping, you might still have some on hand.  I ordered this Classroom Pack of 60 Elmer’s Glue Sticks on Amazon and had enough for the entire class with plenty left over.

Glue Stick Valentine Cards

To make these Valentines, you will need:

1. Glue Sticks
2. Twine
3. Scissors
4. A marker
5. Something with a sharp point to poke two holes in the cards
6. Free printable cards

You can grab our printable cards right here. Simply enter your email address in the box and opt-in to receive our free newsletter.  Check your inbox for this printable, which you will receive as a subscriber bonus. 

How to make:

1. Grab our printable cards.

2. Print out as many cards as you need.  I recommend printing them on white cardstock using high quality color ink.  Cards are approximately 4×6 inches and there are 3 cards per page.

3. Use a marker to place 2 dots on the card where you want to poke the holes for twine.

4. Use a sharp point to poke holes in the card where you made the dots.

5. Run the twine through both holes and wrap it around a glue stick once before double knotting and tying a bow.

6. Sign the card (or have your kiddo sign it).  You could have the cards signed prior to attaching the glue sticks – it’s up to you.

Glue Stick Valentine Idea

Watch this video to see the entire process in action:


I'm Stuck on You Glue Stick Valentines Free Printables

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