Ghost in Graveyard Pudding Cups

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This easy Halloween themed snack turned out so cute, I have a hard time calling it spooky! Turn chocolate pudding cups into graveyard pudding cups in just a few minutes. This ghostly snack features a ghost Peeps, candy, and pudding!

Ghost Graveyard Pudding Cups HERO

Easy Halloween Snacks

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Okay, back to the pudding cups.

This snack really could not be easier to assemble. We used store bought pudding cups which cut out a considerable amount of prep time.

You could set this snack up as a DIY dessert table and let kids make their own ghost graveyard pudding cups!

Ghost Graveyard Pudding Cups Ingredients

To make these treats, you will need the following ingredients:

ghost graveyard pudding cups ingredients

How to Assemble

Follow these steps to make these snacks:

1. Crush 1 OREO Cookie per pudding cup. Add the crushed OREO cookies to the tops of each pudding cup.

2. Add chocolate sprinkles to the pudding cups.

Pudding cup prep

2. Place a pumpkin and gummy worm on the bottom corners of each pudding cup.

adding candy to pudding cups

3. Put a Peeps ghost on each pudding snack cup.

adding candy to pudding cups

That’s it!

Your ghostly graveyard pudding cup snacks are ready to enjoy.

Let us know if you give these treats a try and tell us how they turned out for you! Feel free to tag us if you post a picture on social media – we would love to see it! 


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