Get Crafty: Easy No-Sew Tutu Tutorial

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Have you ever wanted to make a tutu for your little princess but figured that it was too difficult? Guess again!

Every little girl loves playing dress up in a tutu- here’s a super simple version that even kids can make. No sewing involved!


1. Goody “ouchless” Adult Size Headband – they come in a multi-pack and can be bought at Target, Giant, Rite-Aid etc.

2. Tulle, ribbon or fabric – I prefer the 6″ width tulle that comes in rolls from the craft store. Make sure if you buy ribbon it does NOT have wired edges! (You can make about 1 tutu with one 25 yard roll of tulle.)

3. Scissors


1. Determine how long you want the tutu to be

2. Cut strips of tulle/ribbon/fabric 2x the desired length. About 40 cut strips of tulle are needed for a “full” tutu.

3. Tie each strip of tulle/ribbon/fabric in the middle – just by making a knot – all the way along the headband until desired fullness.

Optional Embellishments:
Glue (with Fabri-tac or craft glue) silk flowers or gems to the ends of ribbon

These tutus can be completely and totally customized for your child. You can make them really full, or keep it simple. These make great party favors for birthdays, or a cute gift.

KC is the super crafty mama behind The Diaper Bag Wrangler. She makes all sorts of goodies, including wet bags, personalized kid aprons and her signature Link Loop Diaper Bag. Love the fabrics, love the products – love it all!

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