Posted on October 29, 2018

Frog OREO Cookie Tutorial

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Frog OREO Cookie Tutorial

Check out our step by step tutorial to see how easy it is to turn plain old cookies and pretzels into an adorable FROG themed snack!

Frog Oreo Cookie Lilly Pad

Last week was a very special week indeed.  It was the week that Landon got to serve as the “Star Student” in his Pre-K class.  Just what IS Star Student?  Well, it’s a pretty big deal in the world of a preschooler.  You get to be the line leader and help the teacher with various tasks.  You get to make a big ‘ol poster with pictures of yourself and your family which you then get to present to your class.  Finally, and possibly most importantly, you get to bring in a SPECIAL STAR STUDENT SNACK.

Landon’s class just happens to be the “frog” classroom, so I innocently asked Bob if he minded taking charge in making a possible frog themed snack for school. I knew that Bob could come up with something fun, but I was certainly not prepared for the sheer snack awesomeness that he ended up making with Landon.

He was kind enough to make these frog OREO cookie treats and make them in stages so that I could photograph the steps after the fact.  Oh, and as for that pretty righteous lily pad?  Yeah, he made that too.  And while I don’t have a tutorial to share showing how he made that, I knew it was too cute not to include in my pictures!

Frog OREO Ingredients

OREO cookies
Mini Twist Pretzels
Green Chocolate Melts
Red Fruit by the Foot
Mini Chocolate Chips
Candy Eyes

Frog OREO Ingredients

How to Make Frog OREO Cookies

You will need the following for every ONE frog that you want to make: 1 OREO, 1 pretzel, melted green chocolate, one small rectangle shaped piece of Fruit by the Foot, 1 mini chocolate chip, 2 googly eyes.

1. Melt the green chocolate melts.  I like to use my Wilton candy melter – super easy and it keeps the candy melted while I work on other parts of the snack.

Green Melting Chocolate

2. Lay out some wax paper as a good space to lay your dipped cookies and pretzels. Dip each OREO and each pretzel in the melted green candy melts until each one is fully coated with green chocolate.  Shake off any excess chocolate and lay on the wax paper, making sure that the pieces are not touching each other.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel OREO

3. Let chocolate harden completely on the OREO cookies and pretzels.

OREO Frog Assembly

1. Use a small dab of melted chocolate to “glue” each OREO to the top of a pretzel.

2. Put a small dab of melted  chocolate on the back of 2 candy eyes and affix the eyes to the top of the OREO.

Frog OREOS Step 1

3. Use a small dab of melted chocolate to attach the Fruit by the Foot to the OREO and then yes, you guessed it, use another dab of chocolate to stick 1 mini chocolate chip onto the end of the Fruit by the Foot. That’s the “fly” that the frog is about to eat!

Frog OREOS Step 2

That’s it!  Fairly easy to put together and OH-SO-CUTE!  And may I just mention: TOTALLY frog-like!

OREO Frog Cookies

Frogs OREO Cookies

And as for that “Star Student” and his totally frog-er-ific snack?  He was so excited to show off his special treat and I daresay those frog cookies were the talk of the classroom that day!  Well worth the effort!

Landon Handing Out Frog Cookies


OREO Frogs Easy Tutorial
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