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Netflix vs On Air guide

When I was a kid, this fun little booklet use to arrive in the mail each and every week. It resembled a small magazine and usually featured some actor or another on the cover. It had brief articles inside, but its main purpose was to hold page after page of scheduled tv program listings. I am, of course, talking about TV Guide. Remember those? I can still remember my parents hollering across the house to each other, “HON! WHERE’S THE TV GUIDE?!” Back in those days there was no such thing as “binge-watching” or pulling up an on-screen menu or guide to decide what to watch next. In fact, MANY stations actually went off-air at some point during the night. Remember that?

Fast forward ten years or so. My generation has seen television programming listed in the TV Guide move to the on-screen menu. Then the “On Demand” option was offered by many cable providers. Next up came the ability to record shows DIGITALLY on a Tivo or DVR. That was super exciting stuff! And just when we couldn’t imagine NOT spending Friday night at the local video store picking a new movie to RENT for the weekend, the term “streaming video” started to float around.

You have to admit, 2017 is a pretty SWEET time to be around to enjoy streaming content. No more waiting, no more video stores, just the shows and movies right at your fingertips, right now. Plus many shows can be watched a season at a time (or a series at a time depending on the show)!

When does your family typically stream television? Do you have a family schedule? Do you have multiple screens going at once?

Here’s a sneak peek at how we usually operate when it comes to our Streaming Netflix watching:

We have the 4-screen-at-a-time plan, courtesy of our participation on the Netflix Blogger Stream Team.

Me: I admit it, I probably watch more Netflix than the rest of my fam.  I have a smart TV in my office and many days I will opt to watch (or even just listen) to a show or movie as I work.  I tend to stream familiar show series that don’t require my rapt attention while I’m working.  I save new shows or movies for the times when I am not working.  I end almost every single night to an episode or two of Friends when I’m already in bed and close to sleep!

My fave Netflix shows – Stranger Things, Fuller House, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The OA, Grace and Frankie, Bloodline, The Crown, Anne with an E

Bob:  He probably watches the least Netflix in our family, though not by choice.  LOL  If he could watch it all day at work, he totally would.  He catches shows and movies at night after dinner.

His fave Netflix shows – House of Cards, The OA, Stranger Things

Lily: She’s at school all day but some days before school and many nights she will catch up on Netflix on TV or on her tablet.  Road trips often find her watching Netflix on her tablet!

Her fave Netflix shows – Fuller House, Project MC2, Ever After High, Mako Mermaids

Landon: His streaming Netflix schedule is much like his sister’s, although he does get to sneak in an extra hour during the day sometimes!

His fave Netflix shows – Dinotrux, Word Party, Ask the Storybots, Justin Time GO!, Beat Bugs

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