Free Printable Debt Payment Tracker

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Sometimes all you need is a little visual motivation to keep you on track towards your goals. Our free printable debt payment tracker will keep you focused on paying down the debt of your choice. 

Free printable debt payment tracker

Visual motivation is EVERYTHING for me. I love a good printable chart where I can check off accomplishments. It’s no surprise – I also make checklist after checklist for just about every event in my life.

Organizing the house? Checklist. Vacation? Checklist. Throwing a party? MULTIPLE checklists.

The lists help me stay focused and organized, plus let’s face it: there’s extreme satisfaction in being able to check off some tasks.

Is there a loan (or loanS) that you are working to pay off? This free printable debt payoff tracker will give you some organization and motivation as you work to chip away at your loan of choice.

You can print as many copies as you need and you can have multiple trackers going, depending on how many loans you have. Each page holds a tracker for 2 different loans.

If you have more than 2 loans that you are working to pay off, I suggest keeping the pages in one place together, for example in a binder. This is helpful as you work towards being debt-free. At any given time, you can immediately see exactly what you have paid off and what you still owe on any one of your loans.

Get the Debt Payment Tracker Checklist

Get our printable: Debt Payment Tracker

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Printable Debt Payment Tracker

I hope that you find this printable to be helpful! Definitely let me know if you used it and if you ever have more ideas for future printables, I’m all ears!

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