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Spread out your Christmas prep over a few months, and by working on a little bit at a time, cut some stress out of this busy time of year! Grab our FREE printable Christmas planner and keep all of your plans, ideas and to-dos in one spot!

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Christmas Planner Checklist

There is nothing that I love more than a good ‘ol checklist to prepare for holiday celebrations and vacations. I don’t know why, but checklists have always played a big part in how I cut some of the stress out of these very busy times of year. This planner checklist includes lots of ideas for your Christmas holiday.

Start Christmas plans early

Planning early can seem hard to attempt, but once you get started, you will be on a roll. Just as you might pick up a Christmas present if you find it on sale in August, the same goes for starting to plan for Christmas a couple months before the holiday.

Our planner begins with October, though of course you can spread out your plans however you’d like.

Pre-Filled Planner or Blank?

A really fun feature with this printable is that you get BOTH options for planners. This planner includes 3 pages. The first page is the cover page (which you don’t have to print out if you don’t want to).

The second page is a pre-filled planner where you will find lots of brainstormed ideas for various aspects of Christmas prep.

On the third and final page of this printable pack, you will find a BLANK checklist.

Your Planner Style

You can choose to use this easy printable Christmas planner however feels right to you!  Personally, I love the blank planner page. I tend to use the pre-filled page to look for ideas to add to my blank checklist page. After I have added those items, I finish the checklist by adding items unique to me and my family.

After you grab this printable, make sure you check out my printables archive AND also my massive collection of Christmas content. This site is more than a decade old at this point and there are so many ideas and resources you can use!

Get the Printable Christmas Planner

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