FREE Printable Adventure Bucks for Family Travel

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FREE Printable Adventure Bucks for Family Travel

We love traveling – I’m sure you know that by now!  We take many road trips every year.  Most are shorter drives at 2-3 hours long, but usually once every year or two we drive cross country to a far away destination.  Our kids are pretty seasoned travelers since we find ourselves hitting the road so often, but that does not always guarantee perfect behavior.  Let’s face it – spending hours in the car at a time can be tough!  I am always trying to come up with fun road trip activities to make the travel time more enjoyable and I love a good road trip hack to make the trip go a little smoother.

This summer we are having a lot of fun using ADVENTURE BUCKS as our family car “currency.”

FREE Printable Adventure Bucks for Family Travel

You can use these Adventure Bucks however you’d like.  We use them to reinforce positive behavior.  Sometimes we simply challenge the kids to earn as many Bucks as they can (Bucks are earned when we “catch” them being good).  Other times (usually for longer car trips) I will print or write up a little chart that shows certain rewards that Bucks can be redeemed for.  Some examples of rewards include a fun snack, a surprise toy (ie something I picked up at the dollar store), bubbles at the next rest stop, etc.

You can download my FREE Printable Adventure Bucks for Family Travel.

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Road Trip Cash

I picked up three suction cup soap holders at the dollar store.  One is mine (that’s “The Bank” that will hold all of the unearned Bucks) and each kid gets one. It’s up to you if you’d like to take back earned Bucks for poor behavior. I usually try to focus on the positive behavior, though sometimes the threat of losing Bucks is all it takes for behavior to turn around.

Each kid can store his or her earned Bucks in a holder.

Car Cash in Soap Dish

Lily with Adventure Bucks
Happy trails!


Lily with Adventure Bucks

FREE Printable Adventure Bucks for Family Travel

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