Fingerprint Flowerpot Craft DIY for Kids

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Fingerprint Flowerpot Craft

There is nothing cuter than a giftable piece of decor that has your child’s handprints or fingerprints on it!  Check out this adorable DIY for kids – a fingerprint flowerpot craft!

I will be the first one to admit it: I am a total sucker for any form of art that features my kids’ handprints. During their preschool years, artwork tends to flow into our home at an alarming rate.   I wish that I had storage space to keep it all, but of course I don’t. That being said, I have kept every project that they have made that contains their handprints!

One year for Mother’s Day, Bob helped the kids make handprint flowerpots for me.  They turned out SO cute and I seriously loved them more than anything he could have bought at the store.

Today’s craft idea uses kids’ fingerprints to create a petal pattern on a flowerpot. A button added to the middle of the fingerprint circle transforms the abstract design into a flower!

Terra Cotta Craft a

Fingerprint Flowerpot Craft Supplies

Terra Cotta Flowerpot
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Modge Podge (Optional)

How to Make Fingerprint Flowerpots!

1. Start by painting your terra cotta flowerpot with whatever color you’d like of acrylic paint.  Set the flowerpot aside to dry.  (It’s up to you whether you want to let the kids do this part or something you want to prep ahead of time.)

Fingerprint Craft Process Photo a

2. Next you’ll want to use different colors for the fingerprint flowers. You can let the kids choose their own colors if you’d like.  After choosing colors, pour a small amount of paint on a paper towel or paper plate.

3. Help your kiddo press his/her finger into the paint and then press the finger onto the flower pot. Continue with the fingerprints by placing them on the flower pot clockwise to create a flower shape.

Fingerprint Flower Pots a

4. This step is optional, but you can seal your artwork with modge podge before you place on your buttons in the next step.

5. Glue on buttons in the middle of your fingerprint flowers.

Fingerprint Flower Pot Process Photo #3 a

6. Your flower pot is all ready for you to plant your flower! We love using cute succulents for this project, but whatever you decide to plant will look great.

These DIY fingerprint flowerpots will add such a cheery splash of color to wherever you put them. This craft would be a fairly easy Mother’s Day or Spring themed project to do with kids!

Fingerprint Flower Pot Craft #1 a


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