Rainbow Sprinkle Rimmed Milk Bottles Party Idea for Kids

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Rainbow Sprinkle Rimmed Milk Bottles – Fancy Party Glasses for Kids

Rainbow Sprinkle Rimmed Milk Bottles

Every New Year’s Eve we get together with two of our nearest and dearest family friends. We have kept this tradition alive and strong for years now and I look forward to it every year. We all have kids and as the kids have gotten old enough to “get” the excitement and Times-Square-ball-dropping-fun I love finding fun things to add to the revelry.  I picked up a set of milk bottles with straws and figured I would put milk in them for our younger guests.

bjs home essentials artisan glass bottles straws

My idea was to make some bright and colorful toasting glasses for the kids to use at midnight. While the adults usually have their beverage of choice (with champagne on occasion), I thought it would be fun to give the kids a glass of milk to use for some toasting of their own. And why stop at JUST a milk glass? What’s exciting about that?! So I decided to jazz them up a bit.

We needed to make a paste to make the sprinkles stick to the mouths of the jars.

Here’s what you’ll need:

3 TBSP confectioner’s sugar
1/2 TSP water
Bottle of rainbow non-pareil sprinkles

fancy party glasses for the kids ingredients

aldi bakers corner rainbow non pareils sprinkles

To make the paste, simply combine the sugar and the water together. You may need to add a little (and only a little) more water to your sugar… just be careful not to make it to runny. You need a thick-yet-pliable paste.

sugar paste
Use a spoon to coat the rim of your glass (inside and outside). Try to spread the paste as evenly as possible.

sugar paste on bottles

We dumped the sprinkles in a small bowl and then dipped the bottle rim into the bowl, swirling them around.

Here’s a video I took to show how easy it was!

Adding milk was going to be a tad tricky – we didn’t want to risk getting the sprinkles wet because then the colors would start to run. We thought to grab a funnel and that worked like a charm!

adding milk to jar with funnel

The end result was simply fabulous! Lily’s eyes lit up when we showed these to her. I can’t wait to serve these to the kiddos on NYE! They would make a great addition to any party or get together when you want to give the kids a little bit of pizazz to their drinks!

fancy party glasses for the kids mama cheaps

fancy party glasses for the kids mama cheaps tops

fancy party glasses for the kids mama cheaps plate with cookies


Rainbow Sprinkle Rimmed Milk Bottles

Rainbow Sprinkle Rimmed Milk Bottles

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7 thoughts on “Rainbow Sprinkle Rimmed Milk Bottles Party Idea for Kids”

  1. I got an idea. :)

    How about melting a white, dark or milk chocolate bar (your choice) and apply it to the glass milk bottle; then the rainbow sprinkles?

    You can buy a bar anywhere!
    Any brand you like: Lindt, Hershey, Ghirardelli, Godiva.

    Or better yet, you can even use a chocolate spread, like Nutella, or Hershey spread. The possibilities are endless.

    Sounds good?

    Ladies?! ;)

    Yes, No, Maybe?

    • LOL Yes!! I’m sure they might work! We used the confectioners sugar b/c we wanted something that would harden and do so fairly quickly. You could certainly use other spreads though!

    • I think they would be fine to sit out! We let Lily drink from the ones we made up for this post. We’ll make new ones tomorrow morning and let them sit until we use them tomorrow night. :)


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