Fall Leaf Marble Painting Art Activity for Kids

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Marble painting is a classic, fun, relatively mess-free art project that kids can enjoy. The fall leaf theme for this activity makes it the perfect tie-in to lessons about leaves, seasons, harvest and more. Check out our detailed directions below for a great art activity for preschoolers and older.

Marble Leaf Paintings Landscape

Fall Themed Preschool Activities

Fall has always been my very favorite season. Even as a kid, I love the change of temperature that came with the start of fall. I loved the first days of fall when you could feel that crisp, chilly air in the morning. It was always such a relief to feel the scorching heat and humidity of summer start to give way to warm days and cool nights. Of course, I’m sure the fact that I loved back to school time, have a fall birthday, and love everything apple and pumpkin doesn’t hurt.

Back before I had my kiddos, I was a teacher. I spent many fall seasons working on all sorts of fun projects like this one with my students. The vibrant colors of fall leaves lend themselves perfectly to all kinds of different projects.

When working on autumn themed art projects in my classroom, it was easy to tie in art projects with many different fall themes!


Popular preschool fall themes

Here are some popular themes that fall curriculum often brings for preschoolers and even early elementary grades:

  • Leaves
  • Pumpkins
  • Apples
  • Farming/Harvest
  • Thanksgiving
  • Native Americans
  • Pilgrims
  • Community Helpers (Popular during back to school units, over Fire Prevention Week, etc)
  • Scarecrows
  • Acorns

Falling leaves

In many geographic locations, fall means leaves that change colors and eventually drop from the trees. This activity is a fun art project to use after any kind of lesson about fall leaves. Their colors (often bright yellows, reds, and oranges) and their shapes all make great characteristics to study and discuss.

Our marble painting art activity incorporates the fall colored leaves into its design!

gatlinburg tram

Fall Leaf Marble Painting Supplies

To do this art activity, you will need the following supplies:

Marble Leaf Painting Supplies

Creating Fall Leaf Marble Paintings

Let’s get to the project!

1. Trace leaf templates over one piece of cardstock and cut out the design. (We googled various “leaf silhouettes” and used those as our templates.

Marble Leaf Painting Stencil

2. Trim the cardstock to fit your bin/tray if necessary.

Marble Leaf Painting Stencil in Chafing Dish

3. Place an uncut piece of cardstock underneath the cardstock with the leaf cutouts. Use the masking tape to tape the template page over the uncut sheet.

Papers Taped Together

4. Place the sheets into the bin, with the uncut sheet on the bottom.

Leaf Stencils in Dish

4. Fill different paint cups with different colors of paint. We used the following paint colors: green, yellow, orange and red.  Drop one marble into each cup of paint.

Marbles in Paint Cups

5. Use the spoons to roll each marble around in the cup of paint.

Marble in Yellow Paint

6. Use the spoon and scoop the marbles into the bin, over the cardstock.

Marble Painting

7. Have the kids move and tip the bin, which will allow the marbles to roll over the leaf templates.

Marbles in Paint on Stencil

8. After the kids have finished, carefully remove the sheets of cardstock from the bin. Allow the paint to dry and then separate the two pieces of cardstock from each other. Hang the pictures up and enjoy the pretty fall themed painting!

Marble Leaf Painting TALL

If you give this art project a try, let us know how it turns out! Be sure to check out our other DIY projects for more ideas! 


Fall Leaf Marble Painting PIN

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