Facebook (Still) Hates Pages. Here’s (Yet) Another Way to Try to Find Me in Your Newsfeed.

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It’s been, what, almost 6 years that I have been Mama Cheaping my way through the deals I find.

Now apparently Facebook has changed their algorithms (YET AGAIN) and yes, fewer and fewer posts are showing your feed – not just mine, but posts from your friends and other pages you have opted to follow.  This is to give way to sponsored posts (big surprise) and also to give priority to posts that Facebook feels contain quality content.

And this could be yet another Facebook rant on just how few of my fans actually see anything that I post, but I’ll spare you.  Been there, done that.

I came across something you might be able to do (must be done on a PC, not a mobile device) that can help.  Something funny – I RUN this blog and Facebook page and even on my account the “get notifications” option for Mama Cheaps was NOT checked. LOL It is now.

Here’s an infographic to help you see what to do, but it’s pretty simple.  Hover over the LIKE button and make sure that GET NOTIFICATIONS has a check next to it.  Then, look to the right.  Make sure there is also a check next to FOLLOWING.

If you could take a second to do this, and then let me know if you see a difference or not, I’d appreciate it! :)

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