Dr. Seuss Book Graduation Gift Tradition

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Dr Seuss Book Graduation Gift Tradition

Start this sweet tradition this year and after a few years, you will have the best graduation gift ever – that means more than just about any other thing you could give! Every Year Have Your Child’s Teachers Sign the Book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss – Give It As a High School Graduation Gift!

Places You'll Go Gift Seuss

If the thought of future milestones like your child’s high school graduation makes you weepy, grab a box of tissues and stick with me.  2 years ago as Lily wrapped up her very first year of preschool, a friend share this idea with me.  I thought it was the sweetest thing, and as we say goodbye to Pre-K next week and look towards Kindergarten next year, I just dropped off our book for the third school year in a row.

(And update – I’m now starting at the final year of preschool for kid #2!  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? This is just crazy.  Lily is nearing the end of elementary school and Landon starts Kindergarten next year.  My mom heart is having a tough time with how fast time is passing!)

Heartfelt Graduation Gift!

The premise of the Dr. Seuss Book Graduation Gift is an easy one.  The task of digging the book back out every May/June to take to school is a little bit more challenging, but so far, so good.

Purchase a copy of Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go.

Each year as the school year comes to an end, give the book to your child’s teacher to sign/leave a short note somewhere in the book.

My goal is to have her teachers sign this same book every single year (and can include other important coaches, mentors, etc as needed). I will then gift the book to her at her high school graduation. (Which of course I don’t even want to THINK about because she’s only 5 and time already feels like it’s flying.) I am also considering giving it to her after her 5th grade graduation, which is a big deal in our district.

Updated pic several years later:

Signed Dr Seuss Book

You Can Use A Different Book

Keep in mind, nothing says you HAVE to use this exact book.  If there is another book that has special meaning to your family, feel free to change it up and use something other than the Dr. Seuss book. In the end, it’s not the book that really matters.  It is the collection of special notes from some of the most important people in your child’s life.  Have fun with this!

Video of me chit chatting about this tradition:


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last day of school

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Seuss Signed By Teachers

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