26 Essential Camping Trip Dollar Store Supplies

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Camping Trip Dollar Store Supplies for Your Next Trip

Before you head out into the great outdoors for your next camping adventure, check out this shopping list of Camping Trip Dollar Store Supplies! The dollar store has MANY practical and useful items that you will want to have at your campsite.

Essential Camping Trip Dollar Store Supplies

Today I’m back with yet another installment of “wonderful things you can find at the dollar store before your next trip.” We have logged many family trips at this point and I can say that the vast majority of those trips find me prepping by shopping at the dollar store. The dollar store has so many practical and useful items for traveling – I always make sure I stop in for supplies before we leave town.

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Dollar Store Camping Supplies Shopping List

Aluminum FoilWe love foil packet recipes when we go camping!  A particular favorite includes Banana S’mores!

Aluminum foil

Clothespins/ClotheslinePerfect for hanging up went towels and bathing suits.


Bottled WaterI’m a bit leery of drinking campground water, no matter where we’re staying. We always bring bottled water for drinking and cooking. Don’t forget to recycle your plastic bottles!

Crystal Geyser Spring Water

Dish Brush/SpongesPick some up for your trip, then rinse and dry and save for your next camping adventure.

dish brushes

Dish PanNot just for washing dishes!  Place a dish pan next to your tent or camper door.  Fill it about 1/3 of the way with water.  Rinse dirt and sand off of feet before heading inside!
Hand Sanitizer, Tissues, Wipes No running water?  Make sure you have some sanitizer and wipes on hand.

tissues sanitizer wipes

Door MatPlace a door mat just outside and just inside your tent or camper to catch extra dirt and sand on feet.

Door Mat

Paper Products Round up some napkins and paper plates for meal times. Even better if your campground recycles paper waste.

plates and napkins

Hair Ties – Always a good idea to have plenty of hair ties if you’re camping with anyone who has long hair.

Hair Ties

Garden Decor for Campsite Decorating – It can be a lot of fun to decorate your campsite!  Pick up garden decorations like flags, flag holders and other items and dress up your campsite a bit.

garden decorations

Tablecloth When you arrive at your campsite, you might find a less than clean picnic table.  Bring a cheap tablecloth to cover your table. We have a reusable tablecloth that gets wiped down after each meal, then folded up and stored in our camper for the next trip.

Plastic Tablecloths

Glow SticksNot just for fun after dark, glow sticks increase your kids’ visibility as well.  Keep track of them even after the sun goes down with glow sticks.

SternoKeep a pan of food hotter longer by using a can of Sterno (liquid fuel) under a chafing dish!

sterno liquid fuel

Dry Erase Board and Markers Dry erase boards are very helpful for noting your campground location and campsite number, as well as contact numbers for the main office and local hospital.

Camping Tip Dry Erase Board

ToolsWhether you’re pitching a tent or tinkering with something on the RV, having a set of basic tools in your camping gear is a smart idea.

dollar tree tools

Moisture Eliminator PackThese are an RV must-have.  They grab the humidity out of the air!


Travel Toiletry Bottles Small and easy-to-manage bottles with your shampoo and other soaps are convenient for campground bath house trips.

Travel Bottles

Toilet Paper –  Self explanatory.  Make sure if you are in an RV you get RV toilet paper.  Yes, it’s different than standard bath tissue and no, you probably won’t find it at the dollar store.

dollar store bath tissue

ToothbrushesPick up new toothbrushes before you head out of town and toss them when you get home.


Basic ToiletriesGreat idea to stock up on miscellaneous health and beauty products.

first aid dollar store

Cooking/Grilling UtensilsWe have a set of cheap utensils in the camper.  If they get ruined or dropped in a campfire, no big deal.

dollar tree utensils

MatchesIf you think you’ll be charcoal grilling or campfiring, matches and/or lighters are a must-pack.

Diamond Matches

Plates and Cups – Minimize your trash output by bringing reusable plates and cups with you.  Wash your dishes after using and keep them in your camping supplies for your next trip.

Dollar tree plates and cups

Utensils – Pick up a set of utensils to use on your camping trips.  Store them with your other camping supplies so they will always be ready and waiting!

dollar tree utensils and baking

Dish Towels – Great reusable option for quick campground cleanups!

Dish towels

Mesh Laundry Bags or Hampers – These work great for a variety of things.  Use them to collect dirty laundry.  They are also great for holding sandy toys or clean containers for recycling.

mesh laundry bags

Trash BagsAlways clean up your campsite and take your litter with you!  Almost all campgrounds have a dumpster or trash can area where you can leave your bagged trash as you head out.

Trash Bags

Printable List – just copy and paste in a blank document and print!

Aluminum Foil
Bottled Water
Dish Brush/Sponges
Dish Pan
Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Door Mat
Paper Products
Hair Ties
Garden Decor for Campsite Decorating
Glow Sticks
Dry Erase Board and Markers
Dehumidifier Pack
Travel Toiletry Bottles
Toilet Paper
Basic Toiletries
Cooking/Grilling Utensils
Food Utensils
Mesh Laundry Bags/Hampers
Trash Bags
Dish Towels

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26 Essential Camping Trip Dollar Store Supplies
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    • I lv all of the ideas. I recommend buying chair pads from the dollar store. They are helpful if your picnic table seat is dirty or wet from rain

  1. Baby wipes are another essential for any outdoor adventure–even without kids! I’ve packed ’em for about 30 years, ha! Just $1 at Dollar Tree.

    (Put the packet in a gallon Zip Lock bag to ensure they’ll stay moist.)

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