Emergen-Sea Kit | Easy Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gift Idea

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Emergen-Sea Kit Easy DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender Essentials Gift Idea

A few years ago we participate in our first Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gift Exchange. We got a whole bunch of fun little surprises delivered to our cabin door during that 7-night NYC to Bahamas cruise! One of those gifts was a gift bag filled with helpful items for our cruise. This time around I took that inspiration and made my own variation to hand out to fellow cruisers.

Disney Cruise Emergency Kit

I have seen all sorts of kits put together by Disney Cruisers to hand out during Fish Extender exchanges.

DIY Disney Cruise Kit Types Include:

First Aid Kits
Ship Helper Kits (highlighter for the daily Navigator, clips for hanging bathing suits, laminated deck plan cards, etc)
Manicure and Beauty Kits
Laundry Kits

Fun Disney/Cruise Names for these kits include:

Handy Helpers
Bare Necessities
Baymax Theme (on a scale of 1-10, rate your pain)
Emergen-Seas Kits

Emergen-Seas Kit Essentials

I went with the Emergen-Seas Kit idea and ran with it.  My focus was more on overall ship essentials, not specifically just on medical supplies. First of all, I used these cute lock-top containers from the Dollar Tree.  They sell them in 2-packs so at just 50 cents each, they are super budget friendly. You might remember the dollar store mini first aid kits that I made for our cars, diaper bag, etc a couple years’ back.  Great little containers!

Dollar Store Plastic Containers

For these kits, I wanted to include a few of those “BOY I WISH I HAD XYZ” items that we have probably all either forgotten to pack for vacation or needed a few more of or couldn’t locate it when we needed it.  Here is what I included in each of these kits:

Antibacterial Hand Wipes
Band-aids (several sizes)
3 Elastic Hair Ties
Several Safety Pins (several sizes)
Pack of Gum
2 Packets of Tylenol

Lid Decoration

Of course you know I’m happy to use any old excuse to pull out my Silhouette and add some vinyl to things.  This container was no exception.  I used the Disney-esque font called Waltograph and cut the text “Emergen-Sea Kit” with a couple of Mickey heads in white vinyl.

Fish Extender Emergency Kit

Flashlight Decoration

I tried to leave the flashlights alone, but they were really just begging for some vinyl as well. I started with the very lofty goal of vinyling a Disney Cruise Logo onto each one, but after about ten tries I only had one successful design cut.  It is such an intricate design and my old blade probably needed replacing AND the flashlights are really small.  I decided pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to be worth the hassle.  Instead I went with a small Mickey Head on each one.

Disney Flashlight

Finished Fish Extender Gifts

We gave cabin gifts this year, instead of gifting to individuals like we did last time. Our final gift was to stick our Emergen-Seas Kit along with some candy and (for the cabins with kids) some glow sticks for pirate night into an awesome looking (if I do say so myself) DIY Disney Cruise Tote Bag that yes, I vinyled!

Disney Cruise Fish Extender Cabin Gifts

The nice thing about an FE is that it’s truly up to the giver to decide what to gift to others.  You really need to go into it with no expectations and you should get way more joy out of giving than what you anticipate receiving.  If you receive gifts that you are be-all end-all in love with, that’s just icing on the cake. I am not even close to being made out of money, so my gifts are always budget conscious, but I do really enjoy putting a crafty spin on them and try to give gifts that I personally would like to receive!


Disney Cruise Emergency Kit Fish Extender

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