Easy Elf Printables for Your Family Elf!

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Looking for some of the best elf printables for some super easy elfing? Check out the bundle below – I made it just for YOU!


If there’s one thing that I know: your TIME has a lot of value, and there is NEVER enough of it. 

There’s another thing I know: there is nothing worse than the nights when you snuggle into bed after a long and tiring day of working and parenting… only to sit bolt upright when you remember that the elf still has to move. 

I CAN HELP! Elf Printables to the rescue!

This 24-page digital book has the elf printables you will need, all in one easy and convenient spot.  You get 10 awesome elf ideas, an easy-to-follow direction page for each printable, and an original printable that you can print and use year after year!

Some of these printables take 2+ days to carry out, so I can safely say that this collection will carry you through at least two weeks of elf adventures!  How awesome is that? 

Here are the elf printables you will receive:

  • Naughty or Nice Meter
  • Toy Donation Challenge
  • Magic Dust (for accidental elf touching)
  • Magic Egg (takes 2 days)
  • Candy Cane Garden (takes 2 days)
  • Elf Injury Report (takes multiple days)
  • Elf Scavenger Hunt
  • Artist Elf
  • Marshmallow Snowmen
  • Elf Farewell Letter


WHAT YOU GET: You will receive the link to download our collection (PDF format) which can be opened and printed on any device you normally open/print PDFs.

Want a preview?

The collage below shows you each and every printable in our bundle “in action.”

elf printables

Click the button below to get yours! That’s it, that’s all you have to do—no fine print here. So, are you ready to save time and delight your kiddos? Let’s do it!


elf printables

I am always coming up with new ideas for your elf. Are there any ideas for future printables that you would love to see?  Definitely drop me an email or a comment and let me know what you have in mind. Suggestions are always welcome!

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We definitely could have used the help of a printable Elf on the Shelf Calendar to help us think of new hiding spots.  Live and learn!

elf on the shelf calendars

Need a free printable Santa Cam?


Maybe your elf feels like a car race! Get our free printable checkered racing flags!

Elf Race Car Checkered Flag

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