4 Easy Steps to a Healthier You this Year

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Well.  Here we are. It’s just about 2 weeks since we rung in a new year and made all of those resolutions and whatnot. So… how are you doing so far? Are you still going strong? Have you thrown in the towel?

I feel like I can always tell where we are in the month of January by the local gym.  Lily’s dance school is in a strip mall and there is a big gym about 4 doors down. During the first couple of weeks of any given January, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a parking spot close to Lily’s school. I end up parking about 7 rows away from the curb.  Any guesses why there is no parking? YEP – it’s all of those gym newbies who have resolved to make.it.happen. in the new year.

Want to know something else? I know for certain that come February 1st, I’ll be back to parking within the first 3 rows of cars. It’s simply inevitable.

But here’s something else that I have learned over many years of making new year’s resolutions: it IS possible to make positive changes.

I find that I am most successful at sticking to resolutions when I set myself up for success with time saving tools! These tools could be anything from a meal plan to an app. I like having something tangible that I can fill out, log, write in, check off, etc. There is a lot of satisfaction when I utilize these tools and stick to a plan!

My favorite tools for staying on track with making better food choices: 

  • Avoiding Takeout: This can be WAY harder than it sounds, especially on busy school nights! We are currently using our printable No Spend Challenge to stay on track and avoid takeout dinners the entire month of January!
  • Using our Instant Pot and Air Fryer for quick and delicious meals: We love these appliances because they really cook up some delicious food in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional oven. Make sure you check out our Beginner Instant Pot Meals and Beginner Air Fryer Meals round ups for some yummy recipes!
  • Noom Health and Wellness Program: Have you heard of Noom? It’s a pretty revolutionary app-based program that puts a lot of emphasis on a psychology-based approach to living a more mindful, healthy lifestyle. It’s not just another calorie counting app. Noom aims to dig deep into eating behaviors and helps to change the way you see food. Check it out with a 14 day trial for $1!
    • Accountability: If personalized accountability is what you seek, Noom is where you’ll find it. Noom offers personalized accountability for health and wellness.
    • Personal Coach: That’s right!  When you join Noom, you will be in contact with a personal Coach to help guide you to your health goals. How is that for personalized accountability?
    • Track Foods with Ease: Noom’s helpful barcode scanner makes it easy to log the foods you’re eating, even when you’re on-the-go!
    • Record Important Data: In addition to tracking the food you eat, you can log exercises, blood sugar and blood pressure on the Noom app.
  • Making “Getting Active” a Family Activity: Sure, my treadmill is always waiting in the basement for me to return. But getting some physical activity is way more fun when we make it a family activity.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy intense, like completing a triathlon (though if that’s your speed, go for it).  But a lap around the local park, an afternoon skating at your local rink, or a kayak in a nearby lake will all burn some calories while allowing you to unplug and spend some quality time.

I’d love to hear how you incorporate a healthier, more active lifestyle into your busy schedule!

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