Easy Stamper Valentine Printable Cards

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Use our free stamper Valentine printable cards to put together some easy and adorable stamper themed Valentines. Perfect non-food option to avoid allergy concerns.

DIY Stamper Valentine Printable

Yes, I am definitely starting to design Valentines in my sleep!  There are just so many great themes out there and I love helping you all with a variety of affordable, creative options for classroom Valentines!

Here comes another fun Valentine addition to our growing collection of Valentine printables! I love this non-candy option for classroom Valentines. Stampers are such a fun favor idea in general because they are easy to fit with just about any theme. You can always find stampers at your local dollar store (and of course, online as well). I found these stampers at Dollar Tree.

I used washi tape to attach our stampers to the cards since it is colorful and comes in a lot of great patterns.

This year you can pair small stampers with our printable cards for a quick and easy classroom Valentine!

DIY Stamper Valentine Supplies

Here’s what you will need to create these Valentines:

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Stamper Valentine Supplies

How to Assemble these DIY Valentines

These Valentines are beyond easy to assemble! They are so easy, the kids can totally help put them together.

1. Print out our cards.  We recommend printing these cards on white cardstock to make them fairly sturdy. These cards are pre-sized to fit most small self-inking stampers. The cards are approximately 3×5 inches in size. You can print 5 cards per page and you can print as many pages as you need.

2. Have your kiddo sign the each card at the bottom. They can write their classmates’ names on the top of the cards or on the back.

3. Attach a stamper to each card with a strip of washi tape.

Washi Tape on Stamper

That’s it!

We had an entire class’s Valentines ready to go in just minutes.  It does not get much easier than this! You can have a lot of fun with different patterns, themes and color combos.  I love the way ours turned out!

diy stamper valentines

Did you try these stamper Valentine printable? Let me know how they turned out!  Make sure you tag me on social if you share a pic!

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