Easy St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board

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Shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows… OH MY! And oh YES! Check out the amazing St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow dessert charcuterie board that we whipped up for March. Seasonal favorites and delicious baked goods combine to make an eye-appealing sweet spread.

Saint Patricks Dessert Charcuterie Board Feature Colorized

Okay so.

These charcuterie boards.

They are becoming a thing around here. Actually, not just around here.  Have you taken a spin on the interwebs lately? Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now! Now of course, cheese charcuterie boards featuring cheeses, meats, nuts and fruit are probably the most common variety when it comes to boards. But you can really get creative with these spreads (also referred to as “grazing boards”).

I have made a couple of different dessert charcuterie boards before this latest edition. Take a look:

Decide on a Theme and/or a Color Scheme

I highly recommend picking a color scheme for your dessert board.  When I first set out to make this board, I was only thinking about green and white for colors. It then dawned on me that some iconic St. Patrick’s Day treats feature rainbows and gold chocolate coins. Within minutes of beginning the board design, I had rainbows interspersed with green and white.

Choose Your Board

There is no limit to the shape or size board or tray you can use. We used a wooden board that measures approximately 20 by 40 inches (the actually food surface area is a little smaller than that). You could use a board like ours or even a cutting board would work great.

Here are some options you might be interested in:

Vintage Rustic Torched Wood Country Nesting Breakfast Trays

Creative Co-op Round Decorative Iron Tray with Handles

Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Large Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Large Round Charcuterie Cheese Board

Acacia Wood Cutting Board Set

Bracey Faux Real Wood Handled Serving Tray

Bracey Faux Real Wood Handled Serving Tray

Bishopston Serving Tray

wooden charcuterie board

Sylmar Wooden Bark Ottoman Tray

Sylmar Wooden Bark Ottoman Tray

Donna Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray

Donna Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray

Patrina Wash Wavy Wood Accent Tray

Patrina Wash Wavy Wood Accent Tray

St. Patrick’s Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board

St Patricks Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board 1

Aim for 8-12 Different Treats

For a nice variety of treats, I recommend choosing around 8-12 different treats to put on your dessert board. The variety really gives your board some eye-appeal and makes the various foods pop!

For this St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board, I used: 

Green Rainbow Treats

How to Arrange the Treats

The trick to making a really awesome looking dessert charcuterie board is to arrange your items in small groups all over the board. I usually start out with dessert boards by trying to make things fairly symmetrical looking. (Though don’t be afraid to make some shifts and changes towards the end to get a snug fit.) At the end of each board design, I do some shifting and rearranging so that everything fits nicely.

I started with 3 small bowls towards the center of the board.  The bowls were filled with: Lucky Charms Cereal, Skittles candies and M&Ms candies. The M&Ms were actually the green and white candies from a bag of green, white and red candies from Christmas. These bowls made the perfect center focal points!

Candy in Bowls

I found the rainbow gummy marshmallow treat at the Dollar Tree. To be honest, I think it was a leftover candy from Valentine’s Day. It definitely was not on the same shelf as the St. Patrick’s Day merch. I placed the rainbow gummy in the very center of the board and then put small piles of gold chocolate coins around the rainbow.

The lollipop stick also came from the dollar store.

Rainbow Gold Coin Stack

The Rice Krispies Treats stacked nicely in the top corner. Not only did they look good in a small pile, they also covered the stick on the lollipop. The first few mini cupcakes went on the board, fanning out from the Krispies treats.  I love using mini cupcakes on these  boards when possible (as opposed to regular sized cupcakes) because they make great fillers when you have small spaces to close up.

Dessert Board Right Side

The frosted sugar cookies filled in the other parts of the border. I had some rainbow Airheads Xtreme and those were fanned out along the lefthand side of the board. This was a fun rainbow-themed addition to the board!

Dessert board adding cupcakes

Filling the final spaces

Several additional Rice Krispies Treats were added to the bottom of the board. Next, I placed a few more mini cupcakes into open areas.

For the final touch, I sprinkled some Andes mint chocolate candies and some Spearmint Starlight mints into the remaining open spaces on this tray.

St Patricks Day Dessert Charcuterie Board

I really loved the end result of this fun St. Patrick’s Day rainbow dessert charcuterie board! It takes the traditional charcuterie board and gives it a fun twist with seasonal treats. How great would this look at a party you are throwing in March? I hope this gives you some easy and creative inspiration as you plan your next dessert spread.

How long will this board take to make?

I didn’t time myself, but I would estimate that this board took me about 20 minutes to put together. And that includes stopping many times to take all of the pictures in this post! These dessert boards come together pretty quickly and will feed a decent sized crowd.

St Patricks Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board 5

St Patricks Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board 2

St Patricks Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board 3

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