Easy Peeps Pops for Easter

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Peeps Pops Easter Treats!

Grab some bright and colorful Peeps marshmallows and pop them on skewers for easy Peeps Pops Easter treats that double as holiday themed decor. 

Peep Pops in Jar


I have another easy Peeps treat idea for you!  I LOVE using Peeps to decorate for Easter!  They are colorful, the kids like to eat them, they are easy to find at stores around town AND they are super cheap! Last year we were hosting Easter dinner and I typically throw a couple of candy-themed centerpieces on my dinner table and/or island. I had extra Peeps from other crafts I made, so a few minutes before our company arrived I made up some cute Peeps Pops.

Peeps Pops Material

You won’t need much to put these cute little treats- on-a-stick together. Here is what we used:

Wooden skewers
Clear Treat Bags

How to Make Peeps Pops

I made these pops with 3 Peeps candies on each skewer. I probably could have fit 4 Peeps on each skewer, but for whatever reason I decided that I liked the look of 3 for my DIY.

1. Place a skewer through Peeps, leaving some space at the bottom of the skewer.

2. Slide a clear treat bag over the Peeps and use a piece of ribbon or twine to tie the bag shut underneath the bottom Peep.

Aren’t they adorable?

Peeps Pops Close up

To display these Peeps Pops, I put some candy grass in the bottom of a mason jar.  Then I stuck the pops in the jar.  They look great!  You could also fill the mason jar with Easter candy (I recommend jelly beans!) and place the pops in the jar.  Either way, they will look really fun on display and your Easter visitors will love grabbing their own pops!


Peeps Pops!
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