Easy Donut Snowman Snacks + Printable Hats

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Easy Donut Snowman Snacks

Make up some easy donut snowman snacks for the perfect fun winter themed treat!  Add our printable top hats for the final touch.

Donut Snowman Snack

You know I love a good themed treat.  I think I am extra sad that this is our last year with a kid in preschool because I LOVE sending in themed treats and snacks whenever it’s our turn for snack day.  A few years ago I made some pretty cute string cheese snowmen and have actually repeated that snack a couple more times since then.  We have a winter snack date coming up next week, so I have been looking around for some fun inspiration. I like this version from I Heart Arts and Crafts and tweaked it a little to put my own spin on it!

Donut Snowman Snack Materials

White Mini Donuts (3 per treat.  I got these at Dollar Tree.)
Clear treat bags
Cute ribbon
Black permanent marker
Orange permanent marker
Printable top hats (I recommend printing these on white card stock.).

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Snowman Donut Materials

How to make Donut Snowman Snacks

1. Stack 3 mini donuts side by side inside the clear treat bag.  Use tape to seal the bag at the top.  If your bags have a little extra room on the sides, simply pinch the excess bag back and tape it for a more flush look.

Powdered Donuts

2. Tie a small piece of the ribbon around the bag.  Tie it between the top two donuts to look like the scarf, between the “head” donut and the “body” donuts.

Ribbon Scarves

3. Use the permanent markers to make the snowman’s face and buttons.  With the black marker I made two dots for eyes, five dots for a mouth, and three dots for buttons.  Use the orange marker to draw a long triangle between the eyes and mouth.  This is the snowman’s carrot nose!

4. The final step is to use tape to attach the printable top hat to the snowman’s head! How cute!

Donut Snowmen

This easy snack would be a great birthday treat for winter birthdays.  They would fit in perfectly with any winter-themed menu for any party or event you might find yourself hosting.


Snowman Donut Snacks and Printable Hats

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